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We Who Are New to the Workplace

We Who Are New to the Workplace
Other Title: 初入職場的我們

Genres: drama, online
Wen Hai
Hong Jinghui, Huo Gang
Mango TV
Release Date: 
April 6, 2021
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  • Jiang Changjian
  • Jin Mengjia
  • Dong Mingzhu (boss)
  • Zhang Han (boss)
  • Yue Yunpeng (observation group)
  • Yu Mengyu (observation group)

“We Who Are New to the Workplace” is the first caring program produced by Mango TV that focuses on the real workplace. The program helps newcomers in the workplace adapt to the workplace, learn about the correct workplace rules, and bravely step into the workplace.

The six newcomers to the workplace have gone through various workplace tests in the two companies in the north and south in one month. While learning workplace knowledge with the bosses Dong Mingzhu and Zhang Han, they face the workplace with a positive and upward struggle to achieve self-transformation. .

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