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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 25 Recap

Ayi’er’s life is in Sheer’s hands. Ashley Falcon does not care about his dignity. He is willing to kowtow to Sheer. How can Ayi’er be willing to see Ashley Falcon’s humiliation? She killed herself on the spot. Under the sword. Sheer did not expect Ai’er to take this action, and Ashyl Falcon even ran towards Ai’er crying. He collapsed and hugged Ai’er tightly and vowed to kill Sheer.

Ashley Falcon was holding a crossbow. He killed Sheer to avenge Ai’er. Yi Cheng stood in front of Sheer. She begged Ashley Falcon to release Sheer, and she was willing to pay for it with her life. Sheer didn’t want his Ana to be injured, he was willing to die under Ashele Falcon. Seeing the two closely relying on each other, Ashyl Falcon was still cruel after all, and he smashed the crossbow and went into rage. She’er’s cronies rushed to him. He wanted to take the Ashyl Falcon, but Changge also brought the Eagles to pick Ashyl Falcon back to the camp.

The eagle’s strength made the wolf army not dare to act rashly. Shile Falcon once again had a murderous heart, and Chang Ge told A Shile Falcon not to act impulsively. Now that A Shile Falcon is extremely painful, he could not help but blame Chang Ge. If it weren’t for Chang Ge to do his own way, how could Ai’er die? Chang Ge was extremely guilty, but she still couldn’t let Ashyl Falcon send her life here, she only stunned Ashyl Falcon and told Mu Jin to take Ashyl Falcon back to the falconer.

The Great Khan is not in the camp now. The Life-Life Wolf Master on Sheer’s side is chasing Ashele Falcon, Chang Ge made a decisive decision. She asked Mu Jin to split the army with her, and she led the falconer’s team to chase away. Bing, Mu Jin first hid the corpses of Ashele Falcon and Ai’er, and returned to the Eagle Division after the chaser left. Although Mu Jin knew that this method of Changge was too risky, he had no other way to keep Ashele Falcon, so he could only let Suishe’s Eagle Master obey Changge’s orders.

The wolf division had too many soldiers and horses, and Suishe was not an opponent of the wolf army. Changge knew that Ashle never killed tribal captives, so she asked Suishe and his party to surrender directly when they met the wolf division to save their lives. As for her, she rescued Luo Yi, and the wolf master would not let her go, she had her own way of preservation.

Afterwards, she and Suishe’s group walked away separately, and the wolf master also chased them in two separate ways. Long Song was not a wolf master opponent. She shot an arrow. She thought that her death was imminent, but she was killed by the powerful Situ Saved by Lang Lang, Situ Lang Lang was not afraid of the wolf master and rescued Long Song from the wolf master alone.

Ashele Falcon returned to the camp, and the first thing he did after he was sober was to come to see Ai’er’s body. Ai’er is his family, and the Great Khan has always used Ai’er to threaten him and force him to fight Sheer. He did so one by one, but in the end he still couldn’t protect his family. Ashley Falcon, who is desperate for life, is no longer willing to fight for the Great Khan. From now on, he will only fight for the people he loves.

Later, Ashyl Falcon asked about the whereabouts of Chang Ge and Suishe and his party. When he learned that Suishe and the others were not in danger of being captured, Ashley Falcon breathed a sigh of relief. When his whereabouts were unknown, Ashyl Falcon was once again extremely anxious. He wanted to find Changge himself, but Mu Jin abruptly stopped the frail Ashyl Falcon. He decided to find Changge with Mi Mi. , And Ashley Falcon must take good care of himself, only to save his life is the best response to the long song.

When Yicheng was protecting Sheer, she struck Ashele Falcon with an arrow. This arrow did not hurt her life. After learning that Yicheng was safe, Sheer wanted to go in for a visit, but the witch doctor stopped Sheer. Yi Cheng usually treats them well, and they will take more care of Yi Cheng, but if Sheer goes to see Yi Cheng privately, the Great Khan will definitely criticize Yi Cheng when he knows it.

Although Yicheng was Sheer’s biological mother, Sheer was unable to visit him. He remembered the scene where Ashyl Falcon willingly kneeled on him for Ayi’s humiliation. There was a sad heart in his heart. He did not understand that he and Ashyl How can Hayabusa get to this point, and what can he do as a little Khan. Returning to the camp, She’er’s confidant told him the plan.

Now that Yi is injured and Luo Yi is dead, they can push all this to the Eagle Master and take the life of Ashley Falcon. Sheer had never thought of killing Ashele Falcon. He was unwilling to do this kind of thing, but his confidant made Sheer think about Yi Cheng’s humiliation over the years. This was Sheer’s best chance to get the crown.

Ashley Falcon came to the palace, and he used the secret signal from his childhood to get out. Sheer had no intention of killing Ai’er, and he felt guilty and regretted in his heart. Ashle Falcon took a knife and forced her towards Sheer. Sheer’s accident caused Ai’er’s death, and Sheer was not worthy of Ai’er. The two brothers fought in a big fight. Ashley Falcon laughed at Sheer too naively. They had the future of the prairie on their shoulders, but Sheer only wanted to win or lose with him.

Ashley Falcon asked Sheer to hand over Suishe’s group and Changge. Sheer could hand over the falconer’s people, but he frankly told Ashley Falcon that Changge was not in him. Sheer did not tell Ashyl Falcon about the rescue of Chang Ge. Although Ashyl Falcon knew that the grassland was in danger, he also believed that Chang Ge was still alive.

Chang Ge woke up in a carriage, she looked at the two strangers in front of her, and also learned that she was saved by them. The person who rescued her was named Situ Langlang, and the other old man was Sun Zhenren. The two had been a knight, and it was a coincidence that they saved Changge this time.

The wolf master’s people went to send a letter to the Great Khan. The letter stated that the Hawk Master accepted Luo Yi’s escape. Ashley Falcon shot Yi Cheng. Sheer did not expect that his confidant would do such a thing. He knew it was him. Wrong, he was unwilling to hurt Ashyl Falcon, so when the Great Khan wanted to kill Ashyl Falcon, he spoke for Ashyl Falcon, saying that the two of them were racing to chase Luo Yi, Ashyl Falcon accidentally shot Yi Cheng and killed Ai’er by accident.

Ai’er has always been the bargaining chip of the Great Khan holding Ashyl Falcon. Now Ai’er is dead. The Great Khan wants to use the word “family affection” to touch Ashyl Falcon, but Ashyl Falcon only asks for one thing. I want to travel all over the world and send the Eagle Master to take over with others.

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