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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 24 Recap

Long Song’s unwillingness to return to the Hawker broke Ashley’s heart. Ashley Falcon on the spot begged the Great Khan for a century-old wine. The spirits poured into his throat, but it was not as long as a word from Long Song that hurt him. Tomorrow is a hunting operation in the grassland. Ashley Falcon has no intention of participating in the hunt. He asks the Great Khan to stay and heal his wounds. Ashley Falcon does not go, and Sheer is not willing to go alone, so he also asks the Great Khan for something Stay with Ashle Falcon to heal your injuries.

Changge is unwilling to leave with Ashile Falcon. Sheer wants to know what the hell is going on with Ashile Falcon. Changge only tells Sheer that she stayed there has nothing to do with Ashile Falcon. At night, Ashley Falcon used wine to relieve his sorrows. Chang Ge came to apologize to Ashley Falcon. Now Chang Ge gave up the opportunity to leave and trapped himself here. Ashley Falcon wanted to know how Chang Ge planned to save Luo Yi. Luo Yi could not be saved by Changge, nor could Yicheng. Ashley hoped that Changge would not be overwhelmed.

Changge only hopes that Ashyl Falcon will not hinder her plan. Even though Ashyl Falcon pleads with Changge not to take risks, Changge still ruthlessly drives away Ashyl Falcon and tells Ashyl Falcon not to go. This muddy water trip. Ashley Falcon didn’t know the actions of Long Song, but he was concerned about Long Song, so he decided to send someone to stay here, and he deliberately made a movement to let Sheer know that he had returned to the Hawker.

The next day, the Great Khan set out to hunt in front of his feet, and the sweaty BMW on the back of the Great Khan went out of control and escaped. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the BMW. Sheer thought everything was too coincidental, so he brought Turuk to it. Luo Yi’s cell, as expected, Luo Yi and Chang Ge disappeared together.

All of this was caused by Chang Ge. On the other side, with the help of Ai’er, Chang Ge hid Luo Yi in the kapok and prepared to go out, and the guards stopped the two. Just as the guards were about to inspect the water cart, Yi Cheng came to rescue them. Yi Cheng had always treated the soldiers for not being thin, so the soldiers also had a certain respect for Yi Cheng and did not check the water cart again.

Luo Yi and Chang Ge escaped from the royal court, and Sheer led people to chase the two of them. After learning the news, Ashyl Falcon also ordered a team to rush over. He could have been outside, but Chang Ge was involved. Shi Le Falcon can never sit idly by. The eighteenth came to meet Luo Yi, but the three of them had nowhere to hide. Sheer’s soldiers and horses were gradually approaching. Luo Yi knew that his fate was over. He was able to fight and die on the battlefield for his whole life.

It was his home and glory. Changge was still young, so Luo Yi asked Shiba to recognize Changge as the new owner and left with Changge. Chang Ge was unwilling to leave Luo Yi, but Luo Yi asked Shiba to take Chang Ge away, and he died in the hands of the Ashele tribe. Luo Yi was not rescued this time, and Changge and Shiba also fell into Sheer’s hands, but when Sheer hadn’t done anything with Changge, Ashele Falcon arrived in time with the Hawkmaster.

Ashley Falcon and She’er meet in battle, and he wants to protect the long song, but She’er refuses to let it go. Seeing that the two of them couldn’t help but quarrel, Sheer’s confidant arrived. He knew that Sheer was not the opponent of Ashley Falcon, so he only held Sheer and apologized to Ashley Falcon. Ashley Falcon looked at Sheer coldly and pointed out that Sheer was just a coward who didn’t want to grow up. She didn’t know what fighting for protection was. She hated Ashley Falcon so much, he knew Ah. Shi Le Falcon cares about the long song, but the more Ash Le Falcon cares, the more he will destroy it.

Although Sheer refused to make concessions this time, Ashley Falcon was bound to win the Long Song. Sheer’s men chose to back down and let Ashley Falcon take the Long Song. Now Changge is a spy of the Ashele tribe, and Ashele Falcon rescued Changge. This is also an opportunity for the wolf master to severely damage the eagle master. Sheer does not understand the truth, but the people around him are entrusted by Yicheng. He must disintegrate the Eagle Master’s power at all costs and allow Sher to obtain the kingship.

Ashyl Falcon rescued Long Song, Mu Jin came to meet Ashyl Falcon, he sent a letter received by the Hawker, there was only a pair of earrings in the letter, Ashyl Falcon frowned, he did not tell the matter. Tell Changge, only let Changge go back first. Changge knew that she would affect Ashley Falcon today. She was unwilling to leave. She wanted to know how Ashley Falcon could solve her worries. However, Ashley Falcon told her to return to the Central Plains with a bad tone.

He had warned her earlier Don’t be overwhelmed, now this is the consequence of Long Song’s self-righteousness. Ashley Falcon had a hurtful tone and asked to tie the Long Song to the border. Long Song was heartbroken. She told Ashley Falcon on the spot that she would return to the Central Plains by herself. Ashley Falcon was deeply afraid that Changge would stay in the grassland. He asked Mu Jin to keep up with Changge, and he must watch Changge back to the Central Plains.

Following Changge’s figure, Mu Jin wanted to send Changge to the border, but Changge asked about the earrings. Only then did she learn that Ai’er was the foster mother of Ashley Falcon, and she cried secretly in her heart. Oops, he quickly asked Mu Jin to take a group of eagles with her to the palace to rescue Ai’er and Assil’s falcon.

Ai’er had previously obeyed Yicheng’s instructions to escort Luo Yihe and Changge away. When she returned, the blood on the carriage was found, so she was arrested on the spot by Sheer’s people. Now Sheer is threatening Ashyl Falcon with Ai’er and makes Ashyl Falcon kneel. Ashyl Falcon regards Ai’er as his own Ana. Under the humiliation, he still chooses to kneel to Sheer. Sheer had to make an inch of it, and asked Ashley Falcon to kowtow to him to make him happy.

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