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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 21 Recap

Li Shimin has no fear of facing the mighty soldiers of Asile. He is full of confidence and is willing to give the Asile tribe one last chance. If the Assil tribe wants to continue to wage war on both sides of the Weishui tomorrow, he must fight. , But if the Ashele tribe wants to rebuild, he is also willing to sign a covenant. The Ashele tribe couldn’t touch the bottom of the Tang army. Looking at such a swearing Li Shimin, the Great Khan also hesitated, for fear that hundreds of thousands of grassland children would die in a foreign land.

Ashley Falcon found Changge. He found Changge was wearing Tang Jun’s clothes, and he took Changge back to the camp without a second thought. At this moment, the Great Khan and She’er arrived, and Chang Ge hurriedly hid. The Great Khan told Sheer and Ashley Falcon of his plan. He knew that he had no hope of defeating Li Shimin on the battlefield, so he decided to resort to insidious tricks. He decided to pretend to make peace with Li Shimin.

When the covenant was signed, Xiongshi and Yingshi So he called out the most savvy crossbowman to ambush, and when he finished drinking, he shot Li Shimin on the spot. Although Ashley Falcon didn’t expect the Great Khan to perform this trick, he had to respond. This assassination is imperative. Changge is in love with the Tang Dynasty. For fear that Changge will do something reckless tomorrow, Ashi Lefalcon ordered that Changge be locked in the camp account and not allowed to leave Changge for half a step.

Le Yan went south with the team, and Xiao Wu, the little beggar who stole Le Yan’s purse earlier, was also in the team. He didn’t have a good tone for Le Yan, but he kindly distributed the mushrooms he roasted to Le Yan. Xiao Wu’s mouth is hard and soft. He is still a child. Le Yan didn’t care about what happened before, only concerned about Xiao Wu’s wind chill. When the two were eating, Le Yan knew what happened to Xiao Wu before and felt very sorry for him.

The two were chatting that a big man that Le Yan had offended earlier came over at the two, Xiao Wu hurriedly took Le Yan and ran, but the two still couldn’t run away from the big man, Le Yan took the big man a stick to protect Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu Kneeling down and begging for mercy, let the big man let them go. The big man kept beating Xiao Wu. Le Yan couldn’t bear Xiao Wu’s suffering, so she also knelt down and begged the big man. The big man let go of the two, but Xiao Wu’s situation was not very good, he began to have a fever and coma on the second day, and Le Yan was anxious.

The next day, the two sides of the Weishui River gathered the soldiers and horses of the Tang army and the Ashile tribe. Today is the key to the Tang Dynasty, and Li Shimin’s hanging heart has not yet settled down. Before leaving, I asked Wei Zheng and the others to do their best to assist the prince if something unexpected happened to him. In Ashele’s camp, Changge woke up and found that Ashele’s soldiers and horses had already set off.

Without a word, she broke free of the ropes and sneaked out of the camp. I saw Changge pretending to be a soldier of the wolf army. She sneaked into the crossbow team and shot the sharp arrow in her hand one step ahead of time. Changge’s arrow shot directly into Li Shimin’s allied wine cup, making Tang Jun beware. As a result, they were caught by the people of Ashele’s department. Although Ashele Falcon was aware of Changge’s actions, he was still a step late and could only watch Changge be taken away.

The Ashele tribe hurt people with secret arrows. Tang Jun’s tone was forced to the Great Khan and asked what the Great Khan was. The Great Khan was afraid of the soldiers of the Tang army. He first apologized to Li Shimin, and then compelled to agree to the retreat of the Tang army. Ten miles. Although the Great Khan gave an order to retreat for ninety miles, the Xijibu in the grassland did not agree. They thought this was the best time for a surprise attack. Looking at the squadron who was eager to move, and Sheer who was still standing still, Ashley Falcon took the lead. He shot the leader of the hawk with one arrow, in order to invigorate the eagle division’s army, and let the eagle division lead the whole team to retreat ninety miles to the camp. , Waiting for the return of the Great Khan.

Li Shimin turned danger to bargaining, but he knew that this was someone secretly helping. People who are ten miles away would be able to shoot his wine glass must have a special skill. He didn’t want to believe that it was a long song that was in danger for him, so he sent someone to the Ashele camp to find out. . In the Ashle camp, Chang Ge was brought up wearing the clothes of a wolf master. The wolf master was from Sheer, and the Great Khan angered Sheer. She slapped Changge on the spot and wondered why. People who can impersonate the wolf army.

Chang Ge kept claiming that she was a subordinate of the Wolf Army. Her recklessness today was just too much to avenge the killing of Li Shimin. Her family died at the hands of Li Shimin. She only hoped that the Great Khan would give her another chance. Sheer only wanted to know why Changge framed him, and Changge sneered. If she succeeded in killing Li Shimin today, how could Sheer deny that she was a wolf master. Long Song’s words successfully aroused the Great Khan’s suspicion of the wolf division.

In addition, the Great Khan’s military commander reported that Shir was indifferent when the Xiabu rebelled, and it was Ashlefalco who shot and killed the Xiabu with one arrow. The leader stabilizes the army, so the Great Khan believes in Ashley Falcon without hesitation, and angers Sheer. The Great Khan wanted to reward Ashyl Falcon, and Ashyl Falcon persuaded the Great Khan to leave the life of Long Song with the overall situation, and the Great Khan ordered Sher to leave with Long Song on the spot and stop appearing again. In front of him.

Xiaowu’s body is already weak, and now he has a high fever, Le Yan has been by Xiaowu’s side, even taking orders for Xiaowu. Xiao Wu woke up, he blamed Le Yan for being stupid. If he was alone at this time, he would not be able to make it to Luoyang. How could Le Yan face this dangerous situation alone, and would not leave the sick Xiao Wu alone. In order to catch up with the team, the top five braced themselves and followed Le Yan on the road.

It’s very obvious that Ashley Falcon and the Eagles care about the long song. Sheer guessed that the long song has a close relationship with Ashley Falcon, so he slapped Ashile Falcon with cruel words. He has some ways to pry open the mouth of the long song. . On the other side, Li Shimin had been thinking about the archery person. He learned that Changge had gone to the Ashele Tribe on the eve of the signing of the covenant.

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