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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 20 Recap

Gao Du came to the Xijiao Weaving Workshop to look for Le Yan. He revealed that Le Yan was a princess, and learned that Le Yan had gone out of the city with the southward team, and immediately rushed over to find Le Yan. At the same time, Chang Ge also rushed to Yunzhou. She learned from Chai Niangzi that Le Yan had gone south to Luoyang, and she had already had enough entanglement on her body, and she also saw Gao Du looking for Le Yan’s figure. Song, decided to return to the grassland earlier.

Chang Ge returned to the grassland, but found that the camp was empty. She found a map of Jing on the desk of Ashley Falcon and learned that the state had fallen and Luo Yi’s army had been defeated. Once Zezhou falls, the gate of Northern Xinjiang will be opened, and Ashele’s troops will surely rush in with a large group of people and horses, head straight for Chang’an and advance into the hinterland of Datang. On the other hand, Li Shimin also learned the news from the front line.

He decided to put the battlefield in Jingyang. Although Datang was fully prepared to meet the enemy, he was unwilling to fight this battle. Not only was Datang unable to withstand such a battle. Attrition, the common people can’t stand the scourge of such wars.

Chang Ge followed A Shi Le Falcon all the way, and A Shi Le Falcon knew Chang Ge’s presence. He pointed out that Chang Ge followed him all the way, just trying to find out the falconer’s marching route, and then passed it to Datang. Chang Ge did not deny that now she is already a manipulative, even if she stops the eagle, there are other troops, but she can’t do it if she is to stay out of the matter. Changge wondered why Ashyl Falcon would lead the Eagle Master to this muddy water. Ashyl Falcon frankly told Changge that, excluding the Eagle Master, the Great Khan had used hundreds of thousands of people.

This time, the Great Khan had to use It is inevitable. Afterwards, Ashley Falcon ordered someone to send the Long Song back to the Eagle Master to stay there. He hoped that the Long Song would stop making trouble. Long Song told Ashley Falcon that if Ashley Falcon really did something unfavorable to the Tang Dynasty, She would never forgive Ashyl Falcon, she didn’t want Ashyl Falcon to force her to meet Ashyl Falcon one day.

Suishe sent Changge back to the eagle division, and Changge slightly flees from Suishe’s hands. She decided to go to Jingzhou to see what happened. The Da Khan sent Shi Xin Si Li as a messenger to the Tang Dynasty to negotiate. Li Shimin knew that this person was here to explore Tang Xu, so he ordered him to detain Shi Xin Si Li. The fighting between the two armies has always been unacceptable. Now Li Shimin could not help but make Sheer angry. Sheer wanted to enter the city to take Jingzhou, but Ashley Falcon thought that the Tang Army’s move was strange. The Great Khan thought about it or obeyed Asyl Falcon said, camp on the spot and don’t act rashly.

At night, the Great Khan sent eagles to assist the wolf army to attack Tang Camp at night. Ashley Falcon was thinking about the long song, but Suishe came to report the news of the long song. Ashley Falcon couldn’t help worrying about the long song in his heart. As everyone knows, the long song at this time sneaked into Tangying. She already knew that Li Shimin had come to Jingzhou, so she ran into Li Shimin. Li Shimin brought Changge into the camp.

He was very pleased to see that Changge was safe and sound. Changge mentioned the loss of Shuozhou and could not help but reprimand Li Shimin for abandoning the people of Shuozhou City. Li Shimin mentioned the emptiness of the current Datang forces. All he could do was hibernate. Long Song didn’t believe it. Li Shimin led Datang to watch the soldiers and horses in Chang’an City. The difference in the strength of the two armies was too great.

Li Shimin personally sits in Weishui to stabilize the military spirit, and Changge is quite surprised by Li Shimin’s courage. At this time, Shuyu came to report the night attack on the Ashile tribe, and Li Shimin asked Shuyu to escort Changge away safely on the spot. As for him, he had to reveal his identity and personally go into battle to bluff the Ashile tribe.

Tang Jun is not a member of the Ashile tribe team. Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui both advised Li Shimin not to conquer himself, but Li Shimin insisted on going to battle for the country and the world. As long as he can go into battle, he can stabilize the army and reduce the casualties of the Tang Dynasty. Seeing Li Shimin who is so for the country and the people, Changge has a lot of feelings in his heart.

Chang Ge left Shuyu’s hands, she had her own plans. Datang and the Ashile tribe fought on both sides of the Weishui River. Facing the majestic master in the grassland, Li Shimin had no fear. He stepped forward to inspire the military’s spirit and hoped that the Ashile tribe could retreat. They never fell in love with war. , But not afraid of the battle. If the Great Khan insists on fighting this battle, their Tang Jun will accompany him to the end.

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