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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 37 Recap

After Xia Xueling was interviewed, she happened to meet Yan Xu, a former university classmate. Xia Xueling found that Yan Xu was more humorous than before, and Yan Xu made no secret of the fact that she had a crush on her, and after seeing Xia Xueling, Yan Xu also temporarily put aside the idea of ​​leaving Shanghai.

Mingyuan is preparing for an important step in the new product launch. Murphy has been so busy until the beginning of school that she has not had time to complete her homework. She even wants to ask Meng Jing to ask for leave. Morphy put all his thoughts on the “color of water”, everyone was waiting for the day when the illusion of colorful clouds and smoke appeared, but it was a pity that things changed.

At the Mingyuan company meeting, everyone looked solemn. It was broadcast on TV that Bai Xiaoman announced that Haiyao had launched the “Sea and Sky One Color” series. After checking by Cheng Yang, it was discovered that Haiyao had copied all the designs of “Water Color”. Tang Mingxuan requested that all new products be designed before the next press conference, and the source of the leaks of the works should be investigated simultaneously, and Cheng Yang and Murphy were asked to write a review.

Mia will come to Shanghai that same day, and Tang Mingxuan needs to explain to the other party about the delay of the press conference. After all, this affects the acquisition of SLC. Mia decided to return to France immediately and terminate the framework agreement. Tang Mingxuan can only try his best to hope that Mia can come to China to negotiate again after the big show.

Murphy brought a written review to Xia Xueling, but was questioned by the other party that Murphy was unwilling to be a small assistant, so he stole the company’s design drawings and sold it to his university classmate Bai Xiaoman. Murphy was open in heart, and was not afraid of Xia Xueling’s doubts that there was no evidence. On the contrary, Murphy even hoped that the truth could be revealed as soon as possible.

After investigation, Mingyuan’s computer was not poisoned by a Trojan horse, and only Cheng Yang and Mo Fei possessed the login password related to the design. Cheng Yang’s account was displayed at more than two o’clock in the night, and he had logged in to the design page, and the leaked design was all the works browsed.

The evidence is in front of them, except for Tang Mingxuan and Murphy, no one wants to believe in Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang himself had no way to prove his innocence. After all, the login password had not even been revealed by Mi Duoduo, let alone anyone who could log in with his account.

All evidence shows that the leaked work has an indefensible relationship with Cheng Yang. Although Tang Mingxuan trusts Cheng Yang, he also needs to give the owner of the company an account. Tang Mingxuan prevented Cheng Yang from taking the blame and resigning and dealt with him temporarily on vacation. This matter made Murphy feel uncomfortable, but this was no longer something she could intervene beyond the boundary.

Murphy had the heart to explain Cheng Yang’s innocence with Tang Mingxuan, and hoped that Tang Mingxuan would not deal with Cheng Yang. But what Tang Mingxuan needs to face is Mingyuan as a whole, how can he decide the result of processing with his personal trust, and Tang Mingxuan accused Murphy of managing the cross-border, leaving Murphy disappointed.

In Mingyuan’s elevator, Xia Xueling and Murphy met again by accident, and Xia Xueling had already thought of calling the police. Cheng Yang could not prove his innocence, and once he called the police, it would definitely affect his future. For this reason, Moffy deliberately agreed with Xia Xueling to limit her to three days. If Moffy cannot find out the truth, she will leave Mingyuan completely.

Xia Xueling naturally didn’t want to be like Murphy’s wish, but she even hoped that she could use this to make Murphy leave Mingyuan forever. Xia Xueling agreed to Murphy’s agreement, and the two people looked at each other inside and outside the elevator. This truth will also determine Murphy’s future.

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