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Stars look like you tonight (2021)

Stars look like you tonight
Other Title: 今夜星辰似你, Jīnyè xīngchén shì nǐ

Genres: drama, romance
Director: –
Writer: –
Release Date: 
April 2021
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  • Liang Jingjing
  • Huang Wenbo
  • Lin Jiangyuan
  • Zhang Shihui
  • Ye Shuya
  • Liang Jiawei
  • Ma Zhanmei
  • Li Weizhong

The young girl Liang Yimo kindly saved the injured Leng Yeshen president of the Leng Group, who fell in love with Liang Yimo at first sight and left a token. But the token was snatched by the money-worshiping roommate Su Manxue, and the cold night butler picked up Su Manxue by mistake. Leng Yeshen’s younger brother Leng Zhoujing has been paying attention to this incident. In order to avenge his brother, he pretended to come close to Liang Yimo and marry her as his wife, using Liang Yimo’s innocence and kindness to fight for power. Leng Ye Shen found that he was unable to recover when he picked up the wrong person. Later, Leng Zhoujing was blinded by hatred and went to no return and went to jail. Liang Yimo and Leng Yeshen resolved their misunderstanding, and finally the lovers finally got married. .

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