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Sapai Jao Sua (2021) สะใภ้เจ้าสัว

Sapai Jao Sua (2021)
Other Title: สะใภ้เจ้าสัว, Chinese Tycoon’s Daughter-in-Law

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family


Channel 3
Release Date: 
Apr 7, 2021
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  • Ohm Kanin Stanley as Traiwit
  • Prima Bhunjaroeun as Fahsai
  • Paint Krittakan Prasitpanit
  • Pongsilpipat Chanidapa
  • Jaturong Mokjok
  • Singto Sakolrat Puntace

Tien, a Chinese-Thai business tycoon and his wife, Liu had four sons – Traipob, Traitep, Traipoom , and Traiwit. Tien had planned his sons’ lives from what they should study to whom they should be married to without caring about their willingness.

Traitep got married with Ruengrin and Traipoom got married with Wallapa, while Traipob who was very religious, chose to stay single. All of Tein’s three sons helped Tien in his textile business but Traiwit, the youngest son, didn’t want to be like his older brothers. He decided to become a policeman, and left his home to move to the North-Eastern part of Thailand.

There, he met Fahsai, the country girl who was a developer of her hometown. Traiwit didn’t reveal his identity at first, so Fahsai thought Traiwit was trying to trick people in her hometown and didn’t like him. Traiwit was transferred back to Bangkok, so he hired Fahsai to marry him and to help him fight against his father. He brought her back home to try to make his dad accept what he wanted to be.

Tien couldn’t accept Fahsai and tried every way to get her out of the house with the help of Ruengrin and Orn-nisha, the girl that Tien wanted to match up with Traiwit. Fahsai had to strive to win Tien’s heart, while she and Traiwit started to have real feelings for each other.

Chao Sua Tian (Rong – Chaturong Photharam) Top billionaires, owner of Siam Silk Silk Good work but overbearing habits Stupid and dictator Especially about finding a daughter-in-law into the family, even Ah Liu (Kaew – Apiradee Phew Phutanon) wife is not right to comment. A magnate seeking a daughter-in-law for Tri Thep (Khem-Narawit Chitbunjong) and Tri Phum (Paint-Kritkarn Prasit Phanit) Second and Third Son While the two did not dare to speak, but the eldest son, Tri-Sakonrattatphanthet, the eldest son, who was in charge of the affairs, claimed that he did not want a family.

Because it will not work fully Makes a magnate to surrender Because Tripob is doing very well, but Trivich (Om-Kanin Stanley), the youngest son who is a police officer, refused to help the magnate’s business. The magnate is afraid of Trivich to go find her daughter-in-law. Therefore think about getting married Makes Trivich very angry. Two people argued. While the other son and daughter-in-law never dared to disobey the magnate’s orders. The magnate offers an ultimatum. If Trivich refuses, he can leave the house. And will be cut off from all the inheritance Which Triwich immediately packed out of the house Because but just because he has an urgent government that he has to go to do at the beautiful lake.

Trivich came up with the story of sending a huge amount of methamphetamine to prowling as reported by the caller, and he was shocked to be hit by Fa Sai (Prim-Prima Phancharoen) with the villagers surrounding Trivitch instead. Because he understood that Trivich was a psychopath who had come to get the underwear of the village woman In order to understand each other, Triwich had to run away in a hurry, when Sia Kong (Tong Chuan Chuen) and another group of villagers were able to catch the real psychopath. Faasai apologizes to Trivich for not giving trouble. But Trivich threatened to report. But came to realize that I had to be in secret service about drug dealers like they would be able to move on Therefore turning to the clear sky that makes you redeem the penalty by going to the house of Fahsai And served to take care of it by telling everyone that he was a friend from Bangkok. Clear sky, agreed to agree. Therefore brought Trivit to stay at home.

Ming (Wit-Phutharit Promphan) and Soy (Nong-Porn Suda Tai Naukong) Father and mother of Fasai do not know. Meet Trivich, lying in the house comfortably. I think that Trivich will be kneaded. Therefore hitting the trivit Before knowing about playing, Trivich was almost bad. Fahsai takes care of Rutrivit. Until making Sia constant, secretly like Fa Sai, not satisfied Send people to attack Trivich. But the clear sky can help Trivich. Causing the two to become intimate with each other unconsciously.

Trivich came up with a plan. Asked Faasai to register a fake wife in order to fool a magnate. Exchange for a certain amount of money so that Fa Sai can continue to study for a master’s degree And undertake to help support the silk from the village to be sent to sell at Siam Silk Co., Ltd. Make the sky clear agree The two people made the scene that they were losing each other. Ming was very angry, almost killing Trivich. But when the sky was clear, I told myself I loved Trivit. Make Ming submissive.

Trivich brought Fahsai to meet a magnate. The magnate was furious and ordered everyone in the house to bully the clear sky. But no matter how you do it Clear sky, all knowing Sometimes the sky is clear, can’t stand it, it can take back both the magnate and the people in the house, especially Ruangrin (Rida-Farida Valler) and Wanlapa (Best-Chanidapa. Phongsilpipat) Wife of Trithep and Triphum Heaven can still be in the house of a magnate because there is still Aunt Liu. Triphob and Triphum Helping Because he disagreed with the actions of the magnate Faasai went to apply for a master’s degree and met Phiman (Phat-Kantipas Nakpan), a senior who had secretly liked Faasai when he was studying at university. And currently Piman is a master’s degree teacher Bringing the two together again Trivich secretly saw the intimacy of the two of them, so he was often upset and jealous of Fa Sai.

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