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Rattan 司藤 Episode 31 End Recap

Fanwai: Another Ending

At night, Si Teng told Qin Fang that she did not take away Kong Jinghua’s power. Qin Fang understood Si Teng’s thoughts and she just wanted to be an innocent herself. Qin Fang knew Sato’s love for him, and also knew that she would only want to be an ordinary person and live an ordinary life in the next two occasions. But Si Teng had already guessed what Qin Fang wanted to do. She was unwilling to demand Qin Fang’s power. She lived for two lives and made all her choices. She did not regret and was willing to bear the consequences. Si Teng asked Qin Fang to sleep by her side. She wanted to leave quietly and leave a thought for Qin Fang. Si Teng believed that she was lucky to meet Qin Fang in this life, and she hoped that Qin Fang could live this life well.

Yan Furui brought Xixi to Qin Fang. He woke up the sleeping Qin Fang, and frankly Siteng told him to let Qin Fang take good care of Xixi. Then Qin Fang brought Xixi to a family, and he wanted the couple to adopt Xixi. But Xixi was unwilling to leave Qin Fang, and Qin Fang slowly accompanied Xizhu to familiarize himself with her new home, accept her new parents, and watch her start a carefree new life.

Qin Fang and Yan Furui said with emotion that Si Teng had no chance to feel the new life now, and then he and Yan Furui bid farewell and left, even though Xixi cried and did not stay, because Qin Fang wanted to continue to search for the disappeared Si Teng. In a blink of an eye, Xizhu’s twentieth birthday had arrived. The adoptive parents wanted to celebrate Xixi’s birthday, but Xixi wanted to see Qin Fang once for so many years. So the adoptive father gave Xixi a note left by Qin Fang many years ago, with the address on it. Let Sixi go and find him alone. Xixi insisted on going, she just wanted to know where she came from, even if she couldn’t find Qin Fang, at least she tried to find the past.

According to the address, Xixi came to the depths of Cangcheng Mountain alone. Following the guidance, Xixi came to a house and entered the house. She was surprised to find that her appearance had changed. Then she was recognized as Qin Fang who arranged to take care of Si Teng. Babysitter. Xixi was curious about the paintings in the room. At this time, Qin Fang came here to let Xixi make tea for Siteng, pretending that he didn’t know Xixi. Qin Fang patiently explained how Xixi made tea according to Sato’s preferences and how he treated Siteng, etc. Xixi wondered why she should be so, Qin Fang told Xixi that she should have given Siteng a cup of tea.

Sito came back from the mountain and looked at Xixi, who respected the tea, and knew that she had something to ask. Sito told Nishi that she would tell her if she wanted to ask herself, but it was not Sito’s business if she could accept it or could not accept it. If Sixi doesn’t want to ask about this, maybe she can give her a birthday present. Xixi had many questions to Qin Fang, why did Qin Fang not grow old, why did she look the same as Si Teng, why she changed her appearance when she entered the yard, and was she a human? Qin Fang told Xixi that the reason why she sent her away was to have a carefree life, but now life is very good, knowing the past may subvert her current perception.

Xixi’s adoptive parents came to pick Xixi away from Cangcheng Mountain. At this time, Xixi only knew that he was visiting Cangcheng Mountain. When Siteng and Qin Fang discussed Xixi, they didn’t ask anything at the end, nor were they curious about the past. Qin Fang believes that Si Teng and Xi Xi are completely different people. Xi Xi’s growing up experience is different from that of Si Teng. Naturally, he will not easily accept the news that he is not a real human being. The reason is also the best birthday present for Xixi.

Yan Furui’s hot pot chain has opened another one, Wang Qiankun, a great scientist, will also return from abroad, and Qin Fang will bring Siteng to reunite with them. Sato lamented that these old friends are getting old. Qin Fang recalled that Sato, who didn’t like to laugh before, felt very distressed. Now he wanted to live with Sato for a long time. When he saw Sato smile, Sato was very happy to have Qin Fang. Accompanied, the two will spend the rest of their lives hand in hand, and life is beautiful.

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