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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 24 Recap

Wu Shu proposed to Xia Zhi in the park and asked Xia Zhi to go to Cambodia to build a green orphanage with him. This was Xia Zhi’s dream, but Xia Zhi told Wu Shu that she was not sure if she still loved him that much. Yang Zhenglong proposed to Meiji with a big diamond ring, hoping that Meiji would not have to work hard after marriage, so Meiji hesitated whether to leave. Wu Shu was dissatisfied with the righteous man making irresponsible remarks to Xia Zhi behind his back. The two men broke into a scuffle with jealousy. The two tired men collapsed on the ground.

After the righteous man told Xia Zhi’s phone and necklace the truth, he did not expect Xia Zhi Falling in love with someone else, the two men couldn’t get up with a smile at this absurd ending. Mei Ji announced that she was leaving Little Bird to get married, and Xiao Tiao also informed the No. 2 shop that the plan was suspended because Ade did not do it! Meiji ran to Ade’s house and knocked for a long time before answering the door. Ade didn’t know what to answer and only said that she wanted to play, and wished her happiness.

Meiji felt inexplicably disappointed. Xia Zhi intends to make it clear with Wu Shu, only to see Wu Shu hugging a woman intimately. Wu Shu confessed that Xia Zhi was looking for Xia Zhi to please his father. In anger, Xia Zhi took the righteous man to the hotel to demonstrate, but he did nothing all night. It didn’t happen, but Xia Zhi was moved by the caring manner of the righteous man.

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