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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 34 Recap

Fairy tales always come to an abrupt end at the best moment. No one knows whether life after fairy tales is happy or not. The adult world no longer believes in fairy tales, but love is the last fairy tale that the world gives adults. In the restaurant full of “stars”, Murphy gently touched her happiness on her tiptoe, and kissed Tang Mingxuan’s lips.

If Fang Qian insists on conservative treatment for her condition, it is tantamount to wasting her life. The hospital again recommends surgery. Although the risk of surgery is high, refusing the surgery will not escape the outcome of losing her life. Fang Qian could not muster the courage, but was afraid to sleep on the operating table forever. She had been away for three years and cherished every minute and every second she spent with her family.

During the period, Bai Xiaoman learned the news of Fang Qian’s illness from Shen Jiaxi, and wanted to use Fang Xiaoyu’s concern for his sister as a breakthrough point, and was hit by Fang Xiaoyu when he went to visit Fang Qian. Fang Xiaoyu couldn’t bear Bai Xiaoman’s entanglement and was willing to give Hai Yao a chance, but Bai Xiaoman handed Fang Xiaoyu’s design drawing, which was completely incomparable with Ming Yuan, and once again refused Bai Xiaoman’s request for cooperation.

Fang Qian escaped the possibility of being entangled by Bai Xiaoman once, and was listening to Murphy’s radio station in the ward. Murphy tells the story of the Phoenix’s rebirth from the fire on the radio. A Phoenix who is about to lose all of it, why not be afraid to jump into the fire pit? In the end, it was this courage that allowed the Phoenix to be reborn from the fire. This story planted a brave seed in Fang Qian’s heart, and was influenced by Murphy in a subtle way.

When Fang Qian was basking in the sun outside the ward, she met Morphy again who came to visit her. The two told their stories like old friends they hadn’t seen for a long time. Fang Qian is very envious of Murphy having a boyfriend who is willing to give up the dazzling galaxy and come to her ordinary star.

Fang Qian has been with Tang Mingxuan since she was a child. After she realized that her feelings for Tang Mingxuan were no longer pure siblings, Lu Dan arbitrarily advocated going to Fang’s family to propose marriage. When everyone thought they would become a pair and Fang Qian was looking forward to putting on a wedding dress for Tang Mingxuan and swearing for life, Tang Mingxuan became the only person who opposed it.

Fang Qian hid in Africa for three years in a rage. Today, three years later, Fang Qian’s feelings for Tang Mingxuan seem to have changed again. This kind of feeling is no longer pure love, but it is not pure family affection. No matter what kind of feeling, Fang Qian still regards Tang Mingxuan as the most important person in his heart.

With Murphy’s invisible encouragement, Fang Qian finally plucked up the courage to choose surgery, and Fang Xiaoyu happily prepared the procedure. Fang Qian can leave the hospital with a four-day holiday, but she must not be stimulated during this period. Soon it was Fang Qian’s birthday. She scheduled the operation after her birthday and greeted the new student with joy.

Fang Xiaoyu deliberately designed and made clothes for Fang Qian, and let people help Fang Qian make up, hoping to give Fang Qian a beautiful and unforgettable birthday. With Fang Xiaoyu’s meticulous preparation, Fang Qian became the most beautiful woman, except that she was too thin, and she was not sick at all.

Murphy was invited by Fang Qian to attend the birthday party, and overheard Lu Zhu yelling. She had already bought a gift for Tang Mingxuan for Mophy. Until Morphy came to look for Fang Qian, when Tang Mingxuan appeared in front of her, when Fang Qian smiled and said that Tang Mingxuan was the person in her heart, Morphy’s smile was completely frozen on her face.

Looking at the gift Tang Mingxuan was holding, Mo Fei recalled that Fang Xiaoyu once angrily accused Tang Mingxuan, and recalled that the trust he had had was a lie by Tang Mingxuan. It wasn’t until Fang Xiaoyu and Xia Xueling came out of the back room that they were even more surprised by the existence of Murphy, that Fang Qian knew that they had known each other a long time ago.

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