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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 33 Recap

In view of Fang Qian’s condition, doctors conduct consultations, and the risk of surgery is not small, which also requires Fang Weiguo to think carefully. On the contrary, laughter came from Fang Qian’s ward. When she was a child, Fang Qian was just like now, she was the little sister of Xia Xueling and Tang Mingxuan, and everyone tried their best to make her happy.

Fang Qian missed her childhood and hoped to be the same as before, but Fang Xiaoyu still refused to let go of her heart knot. Standing outside the door, Fang Xiaoyu listened to all the words in the ward, but did not enter the ward.

After Kaiman was formally acquired by Fang Weiguo, he opened the first meeting, the most important of which was to announce the promotion of Fang Xiaoyu as vice president. The reason why Fang Xiaoyu would agree is that Fang Qian will not be taken care of in the future. Fang Xiaoyu also knows that no one in the meeting can afford him at all.

Because Fang Weiguo acquired Kaiman, he also maliciously competed to acquire SLC secretly, resulting in Mingyuan’s budget exceeding 35%. Xia Zhendong did not approve of the acquisition of SLC, nor was he optimistic about the so-called Chinese style. He thought this was a gamble, not to mention that the current budget has become uncontrollable. However, Tang Qiren’s firm acquisition plan is bound to develop Chinese style and develop Song Tang, even at the expense of suppressing it as the largest shareholder.

The Ancient Tea Horse Road designed by Murphy is the first in sales and has high-quality evaluations, and Murphy’s reputation can be considered as a hit. Tang Mingxuan deliberately gave the data to Xia Xueling at the meeting. When Xia Xueling saw that Murphy’s name ranked first, his natural smile instantly stiffened on his face.

Since Bai Xiaoman used Shen Jiaxi to steal the concept map of “Water Color”, Hai Yao has not a designer who can convert this concept map into a design drawing. Bai Xiaoman once again sought Shen Jiaxi’s help. When she was so busy that she was dizzy, she stumbled upon Zhu Haitian and other women entering the entertainment venue.

Bai Xiaoman chased after Zhu Haitian fiercely, but was coaxed by the other party with a few words. Bai Xiaoman enjoys this feeling of being in power, and wants to take advantage of this opportunity to fight against Morphy. Bai Xiaoman specially asked Shen Jiaxi to come out, hoping that she could help with the design, but it is difficult to design a satisfactory work through a stolen concept drawing.

Today is the two-hundred-day anniversary of Tang Mingxuan and Murphy. He deliberately pretended not to remember the date in order to surprise Murphy. Unexpectedly, when Murphy was dressed up and happily preparing for a date, Tang Mingxuan was called away by a phone call. It turned out that Fang Qian’s condition deteriorated again, and the tumor compressed his nerves and caused blindness.

Fang Xiaoyu looked at Mo Fei’s Mo Fei’s friends circle who ate oden cooking alone. He couldn’t help but wait at the door of Mo Fei’s house. The topic still inevitably shifted from his sister’s condition to Tang Mingxuan. The more Morphy trusted Tang Mingxuan, the more irritable Fang Xiaoyu was, and even drove her to the hospital to see Tang Mingxuan.

The two were arguing in the car and slammed into the isolation belt, and Morphy injured his head again. This time, Murphy couldn’t bear Fang Xiaoyu at all, and said the rejection in an extremely unfeeling manner. Regardless of Fang Xiaoyu’s apology, Murphy took a taxi to the hospital by herself.

In the hospital, Murphy met Fang Qian by chance again. She still didn’t know that Fang Qian was Fang Xiaoyu’s sister, but she was blinded by her, so she encouraged Fang Qian to face it bravely. Moffy deliberately told Fang Qian of Himalaya Radio, hoping to give Fang Qian encouragement on the radio when the other party was bored.

Tang Mingxuan missed his appointment on the anniversary. In his spare time, he deliberately took Murphy to a restaurant for a date to apologize. When the whole restaurant was lit up with small light bulbs, it was like being in the starry sky, and Tang Mingxuan finally did not live up to Murphy’s trust.

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