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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 32 Recap

Tang Mingxuan learned from Lu Zhu that Murphy had just returned home from the hospital, and immediately rushed to her house. When he saw that Murphy was still lying that she had just returned home from a business trip, Tang Mingxuan became even more angry and distressed for her. Before, because Tang Mingxuan had to take care of Fang Qian, Morphy was hospitalized and did not dare to contact Tang Mingxuan. The two of them had not enjoyed the world of two for a long time.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Tang Mingxuan hugged Murphy to sleep on the sofa. It seemed that as long as he could be with Murphy, it would be a kind of happiness to just hug and close his eyes and calm his mind. Murphy was sweet in heart, Tang Mingxuan did not want anyone to disturb the silence at the moment, and deliberately did not answer the phone or even shut down. Murphy was worried that Tang Mingxuan would delay business, but she didn’t feel happy in her heart.

As soon as Fang Xiaoyu led Fang Qian out to relax, she saw Xia Xueling waiting at the door of the ward. When the two women were alone, Xia Xueling began to tell Fang Qian how guilty Tang Mingxuan was in the past three years, and how Fang Xiaoyu turned his head against Tang Mingxuan. Xia Xueling hopes to persuade Fang Qian to agree to the operation in this way. Only if Fang Qian is healthy can he resolve the grievances and grievances of the past three years.

Xia Xueling also advised Tang Mingxuan that Mo Fei and Fang Qian should not be notified of each other’s existence, so as not to affect their emotions. In fact, Murphy and Fang Qian had become friends a long time ago, and they came to Murphy’s house as a guest together. Everyone persuaded Fang Qian to perform the operation for some emotional benefit, and only Murphy persuaded Fang Qian in the hope that she could face the difficulties bravely.

After Murphy went into work, he discovered that the most important design drawing of “Aqua” was missing on the same day. They could not find it everywhere, and no one else had entered here. It wasn’t until a colleague accidentally remembered that Shen Jiaxi had come to the office and stayed at the workbench sneakily for a long time.

After Morphy learned of it, she deliberately took Shen Jiaxi to the unmanned room, wanting to ask about it. Who knows that Murphy hasn’t gotten the word out yet, Shen Jiaxi is emotionally charged with Morphy’s suspicion of her, with a righteous appearance.

Shen Jiaxi didn’t have any guilt about this, but because Murphy was the first to doubt her, he broke off diplomatic ties with Murphy more justly. Shen Jiaxi never felt guilty that she did wrong first, but thought that it was Murphy who didn’t collect the drawings. She deserved everything, and because of Murphy’s suspicion, she felt that she had done nothing wrong.

After Xia Xueling learned of this, she had no evidence and naturally could not believe either side. Although Xia Xueling doesn’t like Murphy, this matter is related to Mingyuan’s interest, and she will naturally do business. But now, Murphy has no evidence to prove that Shen Jiaxi stole the drawings, and everything can only be done after verification.

With Fang Xiaoyu’s consent, Fang Qian decided to leave the hospital and go home to live, and begged Fang Xiaoyu to go home and live together. Fang Qian mistakenly thought that letting his father and elder brother be under the same roof would give him a chance to reconcile, but the reality is indeed that Fang Weiguo and Fang Xiaoyu never quarrel every day.

In particular, Fang Weiguo acquired Kaiman and forcibly recommended Fang Xiaoyu as the design director as chairman. From Fang Xiaoyu’s point of view, it was just that Fang Weiguo didn’t trust his ability, so he went through the back door. What Fang Xiaoyu hated the most was Fang Weiguo’s distrust of his abilities, and compared him to Tang Mingxuan when he opened his mouth and shut his mouth.

Fang Weiguo was originally a heart, and wanted to make Fang Xiaoyu’s future go more smoothly. Their father and son lacked communication, but they couldn’t understand each other’s intentions. When the father and son were arguing endlessly, the news that Fang Qian suddenly passed out made them stop arguing.

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