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She is super sweet from campus

She is super sweet from campus (Novel)
Other Name: 她超级甜从校园到婚纱

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Huyin
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Xu Jingshu does not have much sense of presence in the class. To say that her only sense of presence comes from Mathematics teacher Lao Wei. Every time Wei sees Xu Jingshu’s mathematics scores and compares her scores in other subjects, he will definitely be furious immediately. I have to do more. Xu’s partial subject is too serious. Suddenly, someone discovered that Xu Jingshu’s mathematics score had been greatly improved, and the great hero behind this was Chu Youning.

Free Reading Highlights:

Xu Jingshu looked at the darkened dialog box for a moment, and Chu Yuning put on her pajamas at the right time, walked over while wiping her hair, and sat down beside her.

She nerdy said: “I seem to scare your ex kid away.”

Chu Youning frowned, “I’ll be yours from start to finish, please be responsible for your words, Miss Xu.”

“Oh.” Xu Jingshu corrected, “I scared your former suitor away.”

Only then did Chu Youning reluctantly accept her words, wiped her hair, and asked, “Which one?”

“!!!” Xu Jingshu was angry, and climbed to his legs, trying to pinch him, “You dare to have a lot of them!!!”

Chu Youning leaned back innocently, “You can’t even eat the vinegar of passerby, I am loyal to you, but I will directly pinch any sparks, so it’s not like you. And so and so out to eat.”

Xu Jingshu choked, “Let’s do it, I can’t tell you.” Angrily, she wrapped her arms around her chest, turned her head and stopped looking at him.

Chu Youning raised her arms and held the person in her arms again, “What kind of anger is this again? Didn’t you all say that people are mad at you? Do you still feel unhappy, or I will accompany you again? Call one back?”

Xu Jingshu rolled her eyes, she was not so naive, huh.

“By the way, what do you mean?” Xu Jingshu suddenly thought of the three strange English letters in front of Qiu Han’s name, which are not initials. She just wanted to think of a reason for a long time. If she dared to let her know about it. What kind of ill-intentioned meaning, she is violent in this violence tonight!

Chu Youning seemed to be surprised when he heard the words, “What is the meaning of the American Mathematical Modeling Competition, what’s wrong, I suddenly wanted to ask this?”

Xu Jingshu made a nuisance and pointed to the computer screen he was still on. Chu Youning followed her gaze and leaned over, her eyebrows sinking slightly, seeming to be caught in a moment of memory, and then she raised her eyebrows slowly, “Oh, I seem to be impressed, this person should be here. I ran into it during the modeling finals before. Because they were all Chinese students and belonged to a school, I left a contact information at the time? But when did she become my former suitor? Why don’t I know? “

Xu Jingshu silently retelled him the first sentence Qiu Han said when he connected the video.

“You Ning, I heard from your instructor that you suddenly returned to China because my confession caused you trouble…”

“Tell me, what exactly did you do to other girls will make people mistakenly think that you are back to the country because of her!”

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