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It’s better to look at me

It’s better to look at me
Other Name: 看星星不如看我, Look at the Stars as Better to Look at Me

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Jian Man
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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High school is something that everyone has to experience, and it is also the most memorable time period for everyone. For Zhou Jingmang, the boy named Zhang Yang was someone she would never forget in her life, but for various reasons, they never met again after graduation. It has been five years since graduation. Everyone has found his own way of life. The student with the worst mathematics became an accountant. The most introverted boy asked his girlfriend to marry him as soon as he graduated. However, Zhang Yang never did. Appeared in front of Zhou Jingmang…

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Let’s eat the cafeteria together at noon?” Qin Zhen raised her eyebrows, “Let’s go to determine how the next middle school’s food is. Without good food, we can’t cultivate good talents.”

Zhou Jingmang smiled and nodded, and went downstairs with them.

The dining hall is located next to a large bamboo forest. The red-brown building gives an illusion of solemnity and elegance.

Why is it an illusion? Zhou Jingmang started to sweat as soon as he walked inside.

It is no exaggeration that every window was filled with dark crowds, noisy and buzzing, she had only seen such a grand scene at a train station.

“What to eat?” Zhou Jingmang deliberately increased the volume in order to ensure that his companions heard it.

Qin Zhen observed the situation for a few minutes, respectively instructing Zhou Jingmang and Shen Yinghuan to queue up at the soup and snack windows, while she twisted her neck from side to side, and arrogantly lined up into the food window with the most people.

About twenty minutes later, Zhou Jingmang was finally only a few minutes away from the destination, she stood on tiptoe and took a look. Wow! The food is really good.

There are three kinds of soups: winter melon tofu soup, seaweed and egg soup, and corn soup…

“Ah–” I don’t know who touched her, Zhou Jingmang slid forward and rushed forward.

The next second, someone grabbed her hair…

Although she avoided letting her lie down, but… it hurts. Zhou Jingmang took advantage of his strength to stand up straight, curled his eyebrows and turned back, and saw Zhang Yang’s expressionless face.

“Aren’t you stupid?” His Mandarin is so good, and he speaks perfectly.

Zhou Jingmang looked embarrassed and gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you!”

The boy let go of her and stepped aside calmly, with his arms crossed on his chest, looking at the line of people in the distance.

He was still wearing a ball jersey, and the hair on his forehead was messed up because of the braid before, but it turned out to be…not ugly.

Zhou Jingmang had done ideological work for a long time, and finally couldn’t help beckoning to him. Zhang Yang walked over unwillingly, and asked angrily: “Why?”

Zhou Jingmang looked back and whispered, “What do you want to drink? I’ll fight for you, so you don’t have to wait in line.”

“Zhang Yang!” The fat boy who had passed the note to Zhang Yang waved his hand here, “We are alive.”

Zhang Yang pointed to the two bowls of soup on the boy’s tray, and said faintly: “Someone can help me, I don’t need you.” Then he left coolly.

In this way, Zhou Jingmang succumbed to her chest, and until late at night, everyone fell asleep in sweet dreams. She couldn’t help beating the bed angrily, blaming herself for being nosy.

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