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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 23 Recap

Luo Chang had a high fever at home and wanted to send a message to He Daye, but he suddenly remembered the stupid things he had done before, and there was no reason to contact him again. Liu Dan had a good time with the dog, and wanted to find Luo Chang to play with him. After calling, he realized that the other party had a fever, so he took cold medicine and ingredients and ran to the house.

Liu Dan took good care of Luo Chang, but Luo Chang was moved to a mess. Looking at her busy figure in the kitchen, he couldn’t help but think of He Daye, who used to be extra gentle to herself. After this “careful consideration”, Luo Chang decided to regain friendship with Liu Dan, forget the unpleasantness of the past, and business as usual.

However, since the last camping agreement not to meet each other, the two have repeatedly breached the contract and re-engaged this one, which is indeed redundant and ridiculous. That night, Liu Dan coaxed Luo Chang to take medicine to sleep, and the atmosphere gradually fell into awkwardness. Liu Dan was doing a bird’s hand shadow in front of the light. Luo Chang suggested that the two go to play in a hot air balloon.

Shu Ying had been complaining about He Daye for a long time, so she took the initiative to negotiate with her, claiming that she knew her ex-husband Zhang Meng, no matter what means He Daye used, she could never take her place. Knowing that Shu Ying had misunderstood, He Daye immediately explained his relationship with Zhang Meng and returned the topic to Zhang Yangyang. He frankly liked Zhang Yangyang, but he would never take the flesh and blood of others to raise him.

Because of He Daye’s promise, Shu Ying temporarily lost her mind. Before leaving, He Daye reminded Shu Ying that she should know how to take care of the children’s emotions. For Zhang Yangyang, it does not mean that she should control the other party, but understand what the other party needs. Shu Ying repeatedly pondered what He Daye meant at home, so when she received a call from the study abroad agency, she refused on the spot because she didn’t have time.

Shi Tao returned home to apologize to her mother, and put her heart to heart, saying that she had grown up and was able to take care of others. Shi Ma told Shi Tao about her husband’s gambling debts abroad. She talked about the difficulties of these years, and hoped that Shi Tao should understand that she was not unreasonable, but was entirely out of a mother’s protection of her son. Since then, the mother and son have settled down.

In order to bring Zhang Yangyang a better life, Zhang Meng took the initiative to find Jiajia for a job. Since Zhang Meng asked for help for the first time, he inevitably hesitated. Jiajia knew his difficulties and immediately promised to help him find a suitable job. At the same time, He Daye and Liu Dan set up the wedding venue in the hotel, Shi Tao arrived late, and was surprised by her.

When Liu Dan found out that He Daye had given Shi Tao a few days off, he was a little jealous and complained that He Daye was eccentric. The wedding venue of He Daye and Lin Weina’s company was arranged in the same hotel. The two met each other, and naturally they were tit-for-tat. You said and I said nothing to each other. However, during the wedding rehearsal, there was a problem with the background board of Lin Weina’s company, which caused dissatisfaction with the newlyweds.

Luo Chang asked Liu Dan to go out to play, claiming to give her a surprise, which is regarded as repaying the kindness of taking care of her before. Originally, Liu Dan wanted to sleep in at home. He couldn’t bear Luo Chang’s soft and hard foaming. He finally packed up and got into the car. He didn’t expect that Luo Chang’s driving skills were too poor. In addition, he didn’t recognize the road and almost had a car accident. Seeing the horrible crash of his car, Liu Dan was so angry that he couldn’t speak until Luo Chang used black tape to stick the bumper, and then he sat in the driving position with a cold face and decided to drive himself.

Because he failed to take good care of Zhang Yangyang, Zhang Meng was a little frustrated, and even abandoned himself by staying at home. In order to help Zhang Meng regain strength, He Daye took the initiative to pick up advertisements for him, but only when he came to the scene did he discover that they were selling health products. Zhang Meng felt that He Daye’s client was kindly introduced to the job, so he agreed to take off his clothes and audition.

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