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Xiao Miss You for a Long Time

Xiao Miss You for a Long Time (Novel)
Other Name: 肖想你许久

Genre: novel
Author: Jiudouxing
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Everyone says that Tang Qishen is the third middle school boy. The flower of Gaoling can only be viewed from a distance. If you get in a little bit, you will be frostbited by the cold temperament on his body. Suddenly one day, someone discovered that there was a little girl Shiluo beside Leng Ao Gongzi Tang Qishen. Shiluo followed him like a little tail every day. No one knew that Tang Qishen grew up with Shiluo since he was a child. It is the irreplaceable existence in his heart.

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The single dog Ji Yuanyuan turned his head angrily, Shi Luo still held Tang Qishen’s clothes in both hands, and his head was soft and soft. He was quite different from Shi Luo when he was fighting with her just now in the dormitory.

She shouldn’t puncture her, let her hold back how well, but now it is herself who is being slapped to eat dog food.

In the front row of the queue, the instructor Wuchang’s voice finally fell.

Tang Qishen had already walked for a while, Shi Luo seemed to be still unfinished, lowered his eyes and chuckled sillyly.

Ji Yuanyuan frowned, pulled her wrist in disgust, dragging people back to the dormitory all the way.

As soon as he entered the door, Shi Luo was originally in a mess, and the bed with sheets and quilts tangled up indiscriminately became clean in an instant.

To say that other girls are quick and swift, at best they can make the hardboard beds look like that, but the things that Tang Qishen has put together are like the well-trained and neat style of the team.

The camouflage bed sheet is so flat that no wrinkles can be found, the corners are bound, and the threads are tightly stitched. The sides of the quilt are as angular and square as measured by a ruler.

After the assembly was disbanded, only half an hour was allowed to clean up the housework. Obviously, Shiluo’s bed at the moment, as long as she doesn’t jump on her own and roll over to cause trouble, there is no problem in passing the inspection for a while.

The rest of the roommates all rearranged in accordance with the norms required by the instructor during the assembly.

While sighing, Ji Yuanyuan wailed in comparison to the “chicken coop” on his bed, “Why don’t such seniors come to soak me?”

“If you don’t want to stack that shit tofu, I’m willing to be soaked, and you can soak me into a tofu. I have no complaints.”

Shi Luo pursed his lips and smirked, thinking that Tang Qishen had come here to clean up the bed for her a few minutes before the assembly was empty, and the unspeakable sweetness in his heart became stronger.

Ji Yuanyuan is still muttering, “I said why a kiss is not enough for you. After holding the kiss for so long, the business ability of your family is so strong, and that looks plus this level of quality. Shi Luo, you can’t overstate your promise.”

“No, maybe a certain little girl has already agreed with her body, who knows.” Ji Yuanyuan raised an eyebrow at Shiluo ambiguously.

Shi Luo was so ashamed that she had nowhere to hide, and tried her best to stop her mouth, “Ji Yuanyuan, if you tell me, I will get your quilt loose.”

Ji Yuanyuan is afraid of a fart, anyway, she can’t pass the broken quilt, and she looks like a broken can, “You do it, you do it, you can return the product of a dirty deal after you finish it, please. I saw it just now, the look the senior stared at you, if you can kiss him twice, he can fold the quilt for our entire dormitory.”

Shi Luo bit his lip and hid in the bathroom as if holding a change of clothes.

During Shi Luo’s bath, the housekeeping inspection was over.

The excellent Ji Yuanyuan was punished. She was originally scheduled to start with ten laps in the track and field. However, Tang Qishen, who was too late, thought that she was a close friend of Shi Luo in college and hoped that she could not take care of her. When I was in, I helped Shiluo without changing his face. He walked through the back door and released water, and he was fined twice at random.

Two laps are less than 800 meters. The Hengda military training is still humane. There is no schedule in the evening. Ji Yuanyuan is just taking a walk. Anyway, he doesn’t count the time.

When Shi Luo came out holding the basin, Ji Yuanyuan immediately walked up and took the basin in her hand with a very diligent attitude.

“I’ll fetch me, how can this kind of rough work bother our sister Luo doing it”

Shi Luo “Ji Yuanyuan, is there something wrong with your brain.”

Ji Yuanyuan “Yes, you said yes, I really have a very problematic brain”

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