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The princess is very ambitious

The princess is very ambitious
Other Name: 公主很有事业心, The Princess Is Very Enterprising

Genre: novel, president
Author: Yiren Wushu
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Song Qing Ci was originally the most favored princess of the dynasty. Finally, because of the so-called love, she married a wealthy and precious son. I thought this would be the most beautiful marriage I chose, but after the death of her father, she was abused to death by the person next to her pillow. Fortunate to be born again, she returned to three months before the death of her father. For this reason, she decided to take advantage of her father’s alive and relying on her father’s love for her. She wanted to do a big job and take revenge on her own. Counterattack. The arrival of the arrogant princess caught everyone by surprise, everyone was panicked, but the princess turned a blind eye…

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Shen Yulin seemed to be careless, “The ceremony regulations of the Ministry of Rites have been drawn up long ago. I have read them. It is comparable to the ceremony for the canonization of the prince. I don’t know what it’s like when the two princes participate in the ceremony?”

Song Qingci gave a thud in his heart.

I almost forgot about it.

In order to win the Sacred Heart, Song Chaoye and Song Xuren almost personally promoted her to obtain the imperial army amulet and canonization as the princess of Chu.

But this does not mean that they are not jealous.

Once they personally participate in the canonization ceremony of the grand prince, this jealousy will be infinitely magnified, I am afraid that Song Qingci will become a thorn in the eyes of their brothers.

There was an assassination by the Gao family, and I knew that no one would follow suit.

She frowned.

Shen Yulin glanced at her expression, somehow, seeing her solemn expression, he wanted to laugh a little.

“I thought the princess dared to take over the imperial army, she was not afraid of the heavens, but she was still so afraid of death.”

“Who is not afraid of death?”

Song Qingci glared at him angrily, “When a person dies, there is nothing left. Isn’t it okay to live well? I want to live a hundred years, and I can’t die so early.”

If it were not for fear of death, what would she do her best to fight for the imperial army?

Song Qingci adjusted his sitting posture with a frown, earnestly trying to resolve the jealousy of the two princes towards her.

Shen Yulin suddenly said something irrelevant, “The princess will live a hundred years, then I have to live a hundred years too, saying that I will live together with the whole white first.”

He has a troublesome expression about staying with you for so long.

Song Qingci gave him a blank look.

Shameless, who will grow old with him?

They need to have a relationship with Li at any time!

“Don’t worry.”

After a cup of tea, Shen Yulin stood up leisurely, “I will tell the second prince that I am asking your majesty to do your canonization ceremony. He will think that I am doing this to help him, after all, you have shown good things to him. “

If you change other people, the first reaction must be moved, and Shen Yulin has solved such a big trouble for himself.

Song Qing’s Ci is different.

She was subconsciously wary, “Do you want to draw me to Song Xuren’s side?”

Song Dynasty poisoned the emperor, and this person definitely could not become a prince. Only Song Xuren could become a prince and inherit the throne.

Song Qingci knew this very well, but he hoped that Song Xuren would succeed to the throne, and whether she should embrace the Unity Party with Song Xuren or not.

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