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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 40 End Recap

The drug dealers got out of the bus under the cover of the hostages. Xing Kelei secretly took the scalpel when he got off the bus. When the drug dealer was forcing a hostage to get on the bus, he cut the rope that tied him and started a fight with the drug dealers. The scene suddenly When the chaos got up, the snipers ambushing around saw the opportunity and shot and killed the drug dealer.

The drug dealer saw that the situation was not good, so he hijacked Mi Ha and returned to the bus. Xing Kele hurried into the car, Mi Ha Ye He began to resist and knocked off the gun in the hand of the drug dealer boss. Xing Keli stepped forward and kicked the drug dealer boss. He pulled up Mi Jia to let Mi Jia leave first, and the drug dealer boss was also ready to resist, got up and pulled out a dagger to stab at Mi Jia.

Xing Kelei was quick with his eyes, and pulled Mi Jia away and blocked the knife on his behalf. The drug dealer saw that Xing Kele still had the strength to resist, and fought with him again. Just when Xing Kele was too weak and wanted to hit another knife. Mi Jia picked up the gun on the ground and knocked down the drug dealer boss.

The drug dealer’s boss lost the ability to resist, but Xing Kelei’s situation was not good. Seeing that he was out of breath, Mi Yan quickly judged that he was stabbed to his left lung. She forced herself to calm down and took out medical equipment for Xing Kelei. Emergency treatment was done. Fortunately, the ambulance was nearby, and the medical staff rushed Xing Kelei to the hospital. Xing Kelei was in a coma for a day and night before waking up, Mi Yan also guarded Xing Kelei in the hospital day and night, until Xing Kelei woke up, she was relieved. Mi Yan lay next to Xing Kelei, the two of them hugged each other tightly, telling how they missed each other during this period of time. Xing Kelei hugged Mi Yan and coaxed her softly so that she could sleep well.

Xing Kelei’s injury was almost healed, and Mi Yan also specially asked for half a month’s leave to take care of Xing Kelei. Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan were also engaged. When Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao selected a wedding gift for Yi Qian, Shao Yuhan suddenly asked Xing Keyao to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to collect the certificate tomorrow, and Xing Keyao agreed. The other couple, Ruan Qingxia and Shu Wenbo, already have the crystallization of love. After Yanshan returned to China, she and Chen Tao met by chance at a convenience store. Chen Tao still liked Yanshan for so many years, and Yanshan also planned to return to Renxin Hospital to work.

Xing Kelei and Mi Ha are going to travel abroad. For this trip, Xing Kele didn’t take a vacation for a year and a half. He packed up his things. Seeing Mi Ha put the wedding ring on the table, Xing Kele secretly put it away and tricked Mi Ha into finding it. When it was not there, she urged Mi Yan to go out again, saying that she would look for it when she got home. Xing Kelei took Mi Ha to the police force and said that he had forgotten to take his things and asked to give it away.

The two waited and chatted at the training base, recalling the story of their acquaintance, and Xing Kelei asked Mi Ha if he remembered it. Mi Hao smiled about her unqualified high-altitude rope descent. Thinking of how she was fainting in the air, it was really an unforgettable memory. Xing Kelei asked Mi Jia if he dared to do a high-altitude rope descent. Pulling Mi Yan upstairs, the two chatted a lot about the past. Xing Kelei asked Mi Yan if she dared to stand on the top of the building and then looked down. Mi Yan is now different from what she used to be, and she took a few steps forward.

After taking a look down, he realized that Xing Kelei prepared a surprise proposal for him downstairs. Xing Kelei brought Mi Ha upstairs to make a formal proposal to her. Xing Kele took out the ring and confessed to Mi Ha affectionately. Although nothing good would happen when the two of them met together, Xing Kele felt that he could meet Mi Ha. It is the luckiest thing. Mi Yan did not speak, but went forward and kissed Xing Kelei, using action instead of answering.

Xing Kelei and Mi Ha looked at the night scene. He had always wanted to bring Mi Ha to take a look. Xing Kele said that he had chosen the profession of policeman. He felt a little ashamed of Mi Ha. He couldn’t put Mi Ha in the first place. She was afraid that Mi Ha could not accept it. Although Mi Ha could not fully accept it, she could understand the burden on Xing Kelei, knowing that Xing Kele was not only protecting her, but also the safety of a city. Xing Kelei listened to Mi Ha’s words, he was relieved, and he hugged Mi Ha more tightly. Tomorrow’s life will continue. No matter how many difficulties there are in the days to come, as long as the two guard each other and believe that any problem can be solved, they will continue to shine in their respective jobs.

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