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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 39 Recap

Mi Yan bought a bus ticket to Changgang at 1.40. What she didn’t know was that the local police followed a suspect and got on the bus. The crisis was about to start, but Mi Yan didn’t know it, and she was full of hope. The joy of seeing Xing Kelei. The passengers around Mi Hao talked with Mi Hao and learned that Mi Hao is a doctor. The two chatted for a few words. After a while, Jiangshui Town arrived. A man in green got up and took the suspect away. With the bag next to him, the plainclothes police knew that this was the person who came to make a deal with the suspect, but Mi Yan saw this scene and thought it was a green-clothed man stealing something.

She hurriedly told the passenger next to her about it. The passengers next to her told her not to be nosy, but Mi Ha still stepped forward to stop the man in green. The plainclothes police wanted to persuade Mi Ha to stop worrying, but the gun on the waist of the man in green came out. When a drug dealer saw that he had been exposed, he started a gun battle with the plainclothes policeman. The driver ran away hurriedly when a few people stepped on the brakes.

When the plainclothes policeman wanted to control the man in green, a gunshot sounded and the plainclothes policeman was shot and fell down. It turned out that the passenger sitting next to Mi Jia was the boss of several drug dealers. He shot the plainclothes policeman and quickly directed his hand to pull down the curtains and put all the passengers’ mobile phones in. Seeing the command team behind the bus, they hurriedly asked the SWAT team for support.

The younger brother of the drug dealer, Xiaojun, was shot in the gun battle. The drug dealer hurriedly asked Mi Yan to come over. After seeing this, Mi Yan said that Xiaojun must be sent to the hospital immediately to take out the bullets, otherwise his life is dying, but the drug dealer knows that they are dying. The car would definitely be arrested immediately. He insisted on asking Mi Tu to pick up bullets for Xiaojun in the car. In order to provide Mi Tu with surgical equipment, he took plainclothes policeman Xiao Li’s cell phone and called the police captain Chen behind him.

Mi Jia explained the situation and asked them to provide medical equipment and personnel. At this time, Xing Kelei also received a call from Cao’s team and rushed to support him when he learned of the situation. Xing Kelei rushed to the scene and learned from Captain Chen that the doctor in the car was Mi Tu, so he asked Cao’s team for instructions. Get in the car as a doctor to check the situation, drag the time until after dark, and then move at close range.

When the team Chen talked with the drug dealers, they asked the drug dealers to release some of the hostages first. After hearing that, Mi Yan also persuaded the dealers to release some of them first. Otherwise, there were so many people in the car that they would not be able to perform the operation. Some of the hostages will be released later. Xing Kelei put on a white coat and approached the bus with medical equipment.

The drug dealer searched Xing Kelei before letting Xing Kele get into the car. Mi Yan was very surprised when she saw Xing Kelei, and she could only force her emotions to stabilize. The drug dealer boss doubted Xing Kelei’s identity and asked Xing Kelei to open the medical box and ask him the names of various medical equipment. Xing Kelei had already made preparations. Seeing that the drug dealer boss had been reluctant, he opened up for Xing Kelei to relieve Xing Kelei and let her operate as soon as possible. . The drug dealer released some of the hostages as agreed.

Mi Yan wanted to let the women and children get out of the car first, but the boss of the drug dealer was cunning and only let the man in the car go, leaving behind the children and women. There was a child in the car. With a high fever, Mi Jia fought firmly and asked the drug dealer boss to let the child with fever leave, otherwise she would be irresponsible for any problems during the operation. The drug dealer had no choice but to let the child with fever leave.

The operation was about to begin soon, but the curtains were drawn on the cars and the light was insufficient. The drug dealers asked for generators and lights from Team Chen. Several drug dealers stared at Mi Jia and Xing Kelei for the operation. During the operation, Xing Kelei took the wrong one. After receiving medical equipment, the drug dealer’s boss became suspicious at once, and he quickly asked his subordinates to find Mi Ha’s mobile phone. He looked through Mi Ha’s photo album and found out the identity of Xing Kelei. The drug dealer tied up Xing Kelei and asked Captain Chen for an off-road vehicle.

After the operation was completed, it was night. The drug dealer asked Captain Chen to drive the off-road vehicle and asked his men to stare out of the vehicle to prevent the police from doing tricks. Mi Ha deliberately ripped off the equipment in Xiaojun’s hands and attracted several drug dealers. His attention allowed the police to hide under the car smoothly. When the drug dealer saw the car coming, he asked the hostages in the car to walk around them back to back to prevent the special police snipers from shooting, but he left Mijia as a hostage and asked Xing Kelei to walk in front and get out of the car.

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