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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 38 Recap

Shu Wenbo and Xing Kelei went to the bridal shop. Xing Kele looked at Mi Ha who was putting on the wedding dress. The whole person looked silly. Xing Kele suddenly regretted and agreed to Mi Ha to study abroad. He took out the proposal ring, and he made the ring with a necklace. The pendant was worn on Mi Yan’s neck, saying that she could go, but he wanted to go as his fiancée, Mi Yan also agreed. Soon, Ruan Qingxia went to the police to take a wedding photo with Shu Wenbo. Mi Yan showed the photos to the nurses, and the nurses were amazed, and even gossiping about when Mi Yan married Xing Kelei.

But Mi Hao was feeling sad for the upcoming separation. Shao Yuhan saw Mi Ha’s sadness, so he comforted a few words, and also told the story of himself and Xing Keyao, and said that if he and Xing Keyao were back then. Yao can understand each other like Mi Yan and Xing Kelei, and maybe they won’t be separated. Mi Yan is a little strange, Shao Yuhan doesn’t like to express, but today she suddenly said so much to herself, she wondered if Shao Yuhan wished herself. Telling these words to Xing Keyao, Shao Yuhan was also very pleased to see that Mi Yan understood what he meant.

After returning home in the evening, Mi Yan told Xing Kayao about his conversation with Shao Yuhan. Xing Kayao knew that Shao Yuhan used Mi Yan to apologize to herself. Xing Kayao said that he and Shao Yuhan recommended Mi Yan that day. The trip to the Allen Medical Center was awkward. Xing Keyao was actually very pleased that Mi Yan could directly confess to Xing Kelei that she could not do without Xing Kelei.

At the beginning, she and Shao Yuhan didn’t talk about their love for each other because of their self-esteem. Xing Keyao encouraged Mi Hao again, hoping that she and Xing Kelei could cultivate a positive fruit. After talking with Mi Hao, she took the initiative to call Shao Yuhan and asked him to go to the house on Saturday, which was forgiven. Shao Yuhan.

Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia hosted a simple wedding reception. The two confessed to each other, and even booed Mi Jia and Xing Kelei to have a drink. The two drank a drink amidst the noise of the crowd. Li Nian and the others took Shu Wenbo to toast again, wishing him a happy wedding. After drinking for a while, Ruan Qingxia came to protect her husband. Shu Wenbo confessed to Ruan Qingxia again, thanking her for giving her a home in this strange city.

After the wedding of Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia, Mi Yan went to study abroad, while Xing Kelei stayed in the country and led the Tigers as usual to train and perform missions. Xing Kelei made a calendar at home, recording his daily confrontation. Miss Mi Hao, the two of them can only take a leisurely video with each other. In the video that day, Mi Hao said that she would return to China next month. She would accompany her mentor, Dr. Smith, to attend a medical forum in China to help Smith. Doing some translation work, I will have the opportunity to meet with Xing Kelei when I go back this time. Xing Kelei is very happy.

Mijia arrived at the forum hotel and was checking in, but met Yanshan in the lobby. Yanshan also accompanied her tutor back to China to participate in the forum. She had seen Mijia on the list before, and she came to the hotel to look for Mijia. She was also very happy to see Yanshan. Without a word, Xing Kelei calculated that Mi Jia was almost at the hotel, so he called her. Xing Kelei was training with other teams in Changgang. After the video of Mi Jia and him, he asked him to send the positioning to himself. After the forum was over, he went to Xing Kelei. Mi Jia also went to Xing Kelei one day in advance to give him a surprise. .

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