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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 19 Recap

Mi Mi sent mutton bone soup for Mu Jin, but found that Mu Jin fainted in the account camp. He saw that the soles of Mu Jin feet were full of blood. He stepped on the nails today and the wound became inflamed and infected. Mi Mi was anxious, so she quickly took it. Rubbing the wine on Mu Jin’s body, let Mu Jin cool off. On the second day, Mu Jin woke up to find that his clothes were stripped off. He was a little frustrated with Mi Mi’s frivolity, but Mi Mi only cared about Mu Jin’s safety. She remembered that her mother also stepped on rusty nails and died of fever. , I am very grateful that Mu Jin is safe. For Mimi’s concern, Mu Jin felt warm from the bottom of his heart and also accepted Mimi’s personal care.

After recovering from his injury, Mu Jin came to see Ashley Falcon. He actively mentioned that he wanted to go to Yunzhou with Mi Mi to buy supplies. Ashley Falcon responded to Mu Jin’s request. Knowing that Mi Mi was going to Yunzhou, Chang Ge took the initiative to make a purse for Mi Mi. Although her craftsmanship was clumsy, Mi Mi regarded her as a treasure and regarded Chang Ge as her family from the bottom of her heart.

Le Yan is making a living in the embroidery workshop. Knowing that a batch of cloth from the embroidery workshop has been withdrawn, Le Yan promptly suggested to Chai Niangzi that the cloth should be sold at the market. Gao Du embarked on the journey to find Le Yan, Shuyu also kept running around looking for Le Yan. The two met at the inn and saw that Shuyu was infected with the wind and cold, Gao couldn’t help reminding Shuyu to take good care of herself.

At the same time, Gao Du also told Shuyu Li Shimin’s will, and let Shuyu leave for Chang’an. He would do his best to find Le Yan. After that, Gao Du saw the veil embroidered by Le Yan in Hu Langjun’s hands. After a little inquiries, he learned that Le Yan was still in Yunzhou, so he returned to Yunzhou again.

In the Xijiao Embroidery Workshop, Le Yan learned that Yunzhou had a group of teams going south, and she planned to follow the team back to Luoyang. In the future, she would repay Lady Chai well. Before leaving, all the embroidered women in the embroidery workshop went out to help the embroidery workshop sell fabrics. Le Yan coincidentally met Mi Mi when she was selling the fabrics. Mi Mi followed Mu Jin to buy supplies on the street. Ben Mi Mi wanted to buy them. Bu, but when she heard Le Yan mentioning her family, she could not help but turn black when she lost her family, and left with a bad tone.

Mi Mi continued to wander around with Mu Jin, but when she was about to pay, she found that her purse was missing. She thought to herself that Le Yan had stolen her purse, so she came to Le Yan aggressively, and Le Yan defended her. The purse belonged to her, but Mi Mi was reluctant. She told the characteristics of the purse and took the purse from Le Yan in public. Le Yan did not expect that Mi Mi would know the shape of the purse embroidered by Changge. She was caught on the spot. As a female thief, my heart is full of grievances.

Le Yan cried and returned to the embroidery workshop. Niangzi Chai cried because she thought Le Yan could not sell the cloth, but Le Yan gave all her income to Niangzi Chai. She sold a lot, Niangzi Chai secretly paid part of the money. It was given to Le Yan to remind Le Yan to take care of herself when she returned to Luoyang. Le Yan cried and hugged Chai Niangzi and thanked Chai Niangzi for her help.

Mu Jin looked for a purse along the road for Mi Mi. After seeing the exact same purse that Mu Jin took out, Mi Mi knew that she had blamed Le Yan. She went back to the street to find Le Yan, but Le Yan was no longer there. The two purses are exactly the same. They must have been made by Changge. Mi Mi didn’t know the identity of Le Yan, so she decided to go back and ask Changge again. The two of them also delayed their time out of the city due to the purse, and could only stay in Yunzhou, celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the people of Yunzhou City.

The relationship between the two became more familiar. Mu Jin knew about Mi Mi’s past, and he also mentioned his previous status as a slave, hoping that Mi Mi could treat the Eagle as his home, but Mi Mi pursed his lips and did not answer Mu. gold. On the other side of the grassland, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ashley Falcon gave Changge a luminous stone. His concern for Changge is self-evident, and he hopes that Changge can live peacefully and happily.

The next day, Mi Mi brought the two purses to Changge. Changge learned that Le Yan was selling cloth in Yunzhou, and expected that Le Yan was in an accident, so he rushed to Yunzhou to find Le Yan without hesitation. On the other side, Ashley Falcon received an urgent report from the Great Khan, and he decided to go out immediately, but he did not intend to tell Yun Ge about this matter.

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