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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 17 Recap

Li Shimin received a letter from Gao Du. When he learned that Changge had died at the hands of the Ashler tribe, he couldn’t help crying. He treated Changge as his daughter since childhood, and he would be ruthless. In Daizhou City, the wife of Xiufang asked Le Yan to leave after dinner. Le Yan begged her to take her in for a few more days.

She did not ask for wages, but only asked for a few days. When she returned to Chang’an, she would definitely repay her. The wife is also a kind-hearted person. She saw that Le Yan really had nowhere to go, and also took in Le Yan, so that Le Yan stayed in the embroidery workshop while learning and working.

The fighting spirit of the long song was completely aroused by the Ashler Falcon. She took the initiative to survive and came to negotiate with the Ashler Falcon. Changge through the Battle of Shuozhou City, and also knew that Ashler Falcon’s status in the grassland was not as good as it was. She was willing to be the military advisor of Ashler Falcon and give advice to Ashler Falcon, but she asked Ashler Falcon not to do anything harmful to the Tang Dynasty.

After she completed three things for Ashler Falcon, Ashler Falcon Le Falcon let her go. Asler Falcon finally saw the eyes of Changge rejure. He did not hesitate to agree with Changge. In the future, Changge will be his military advisor, but how Changge can survive in this grassland depends on the ability of Changge.

The big Khan brought the little Khan to the Eagle Division camp. The big Khan never came out in person, but now he is afraid that the people are not good. Changge also sensed the subtlety. She pulled Mu Jin to ask, and then she learned that it was the decision of Ashler Falcon to let Shuozhou City alone. Ashler Falcon had to pay a huge price for it. At that time, the arrow on the wall was deliberately shot by Ashler Falcon. Ashler Falcon was deeply in love with her.

Asler Falcon greeted the Great Khan, and Shier also came to the Eagle Division Account Camp together. He was the sworn enemy of Asler Falcon, and every word made the Great Khan suspicious of the Asler Falcon. Asler Falcon presented all the list of war profits, Gongsun Heng’s head and Gongsun Heng’s previous defection letter. He bet on the trust of the Great Khan in him.

After the Great Khan hesitated again and again, he chose to believe in Asler Falcon. This time, Da Khan came not for this matter, but because of Shier’s accusation against Ashler Falcon. Shier accused Ashler Falcon of colluding with the Tang army to make the wolf army plan fail. This time, he brought witness Wang Junguo. The Great Khan wanted to know whether Ashler Falcon had done this thing or not. Ashler Falcon did not expect that Shier would have this move. However, he still did not change his face and denied it.

Changge knew that it must not be so simple for Da Khan to come to the house in person. She accidentally saw Wang Junguo’s figure in the people brought by She. She went to Nur to help him and secretly plotted to make Wang Junguo mistakenly think that Sheer wanted to frame him for the misappropriation of Kuyin.

Therefore, Wang Junguo identified Shier at the sight of Da Khan, and he knelt down. The earth begged for mercy but was killed by Shier. The great Khan did not expect that Shier would embezzle the treasury silver. He blackened his face on the spot and rewarded Ashler Falcon again. After this, Nur also completely admired Changge, and his feelings with Changge had made rapid progress. Asler Falcon saw it in his eyes. He was jealous from the bottom of his heart and immediately asked Mu Jin to arrange a separate account camp for Changge.

In the county government office, Shuyu was so drunk that he pulled Gao Du. He knew that Gao Du looked down on him, and even more importantly, he knew that Changge looked down on him. Otherwise, why did Changge still not know his feelings for so many years? Now Le Yan’s life and death are uncertain. Shuyu is still thinking about Changge. Gao can’t help scolding Shuyu angrily. Shuyu is in great pain. Changge is dead. Le Yan’s whereabouts are still unknown.

He feels guilty and blames himself, and even looks down on himself. Shuyu was drunk. He satirized that Gao was just Du Ruhui’s puppet. Gao didn’t care too much about Shuyu. Although his face was cold, he still softly sent Shuyu back to his room when he looked drunk.

Li Shimin ascended to the throne. He called Wei Zheng to ask Wei Zheng about the state. Now Luo Yi led the Tianyi army to rebel in the state. Li Shimin was unwilling to move the state, but Wei Zheng was afraid that the rebellion at the end of the Sui Dynasty would be repeated. Luo Yi’s stay was always a disaster. He advised Li Shimin to make a decision. Li Shimin listened to Wei Zheng’s anecdition and asked about Shu Yu. Although Shu Yu did not find Le Yan, Li Shimin did not blame Shu Yu. Instead, he asked Wei Zheng to recall Shu Yu and gave Shu Yu a supervisory of the imperial history.

Le Yan embroidered in embroidery spinning. Her work has not been good, so let everyone give her more time. She did not do these work in the palace. Several embroidery women couldn’t help laughing at Le Yan, believing that Le Yan’s dream in the palace was just nonsense.

In the Assler tribe, the great Khan rewarded many slaves of Asler Falcon. One of the women was as beautiful as a flower, which could not help but cause the annscript of several soldiers. The woman resisted desperately. Her movements caused a long song awakening from a nightmare.

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