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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 16 Recap

Ashley Falcon came to see Changge. He made Changge not beg to die. If Changge died, he would kill all the people in Shuozhou City. What he wanted to do was to make Changge disappear from the Tang Dynasty. , Completely become his slave. The survival rule of the grassland is the weak and the strong. Ashley Falcon wants to keep the long song like raising a tiger, and it is not so easy. He threatens the long song with the lives of the people in the city and is ready to take a look at the long song. .

As a slave, Changge looked at the stretch of land behind her as the army of Ashele set out, knowing she couldn’t go back to Chang’an. Although Gao Du did not kill Changge, he secretly ordered someone to monitor Changge. If Changge and Ashile’s tribe secretly colluded, he would kill Changge. If Changge did not collude with Ashile, the Ashile tribe would also be absolutely extinct. He won’t leave Changge’s life, but he hopes that Changge can really die for the country.

Gao Du sent a letter to Chang’an. Li Shimin learned of the loss of the northern border. He transferred his troops to Shuozhou City and vowed to drive the Assile tribe out of Shuozhou. As for the army, he temporarily stayed in the northern border to appease the residents of the northern border. Fang Xuanling knew that Li Shimin had been worried about Changge and Le Yan.

Now Le Yan’s whereabouts are unknown and Gao Du is still in the north. Fang Xuanling hopes Du Ruhui can let his son Gao Du help find Le Yan, after all, in the north. The person has never seen Le Yan’s face. Du Ruhui knew what Fang Xuanling meant, and he didn’t care about these trivial matters, so he only let Fang Xuanling deal with it by himself.

Xufeng heard about the city of Shuozhou. Now all the long songs in Shuozhou are dead, but Old Qin believes that the long songs are still alive, but the long songs must have been brought to the grassland by Ashley Falcon. The grassland has many eyes and ears. If you act rashly, you can only arrange Yuanniang first, and then use the previous intelligence network to inquire about the whereabouts of Changge.

Ashley Falcon knew that Xufeng secretly sent people to stare at Changge’s every move. He asked Mu Jin to act in a play. First, let people put on Changge’s headgear to stun, and then find out another person with Changge’s body shape. The similar slave killed him, making Xufeng’s eyeliner think Changge was dead. Shuyu came to Shuozhou to find Le Yan. He happened to meet Gao Du. Gao Du told Shuyu that Long Ge was dead.

After Shuozhou City was defeated, Chang Ge fell into the hands of Ashele as a captive and lived by himself. No more. Now that Changge is dead, what about Shuyu’s grief, Gao Du only instructed Shuyu to find Le Yan as soon as possible, and if Leyan is in Shuozhou, she will definitely know that Changge is also in Shuozhou and left traces. However, there is no trace of Le Yan in Shuozhou, which can only show that Le Yan is not in Shuozhou and Shuyu has come to the wrong place.

When Le Yan came to Yunzhou on foot, she was so dirty that she only went to Mingfu, asking Mingfu to send her a letter to Chang’an City or Luoyang. Ming Mansion saw that Le Yan had no physical evidence. He didn’t believe in Le Yan at all. He just drove Le Yan away and regarded Le Yan as a liar. Le Yan was on the street alone, crying aggrievedly.

The next day, Changge woke up. She didn’t know why Mu Jin stunned her. Mu Jin didn’t understand the reason of Ashley Falcon’s practice, but he was not optimistic about Changge’s pride. It makes sense to suffer a little bit. After that, Ashyl Falcon has been disregarding Long Song. Mu Jin didn’t understand Ashyl Falcon’s thoughts.

Ashyl Falcon finally rescued Long Song, and why did he ignore Long Song and let others insult him. Ashley Falcon knew that the more he cared about Changge, the more painful Changge would be. Instead of letting Changge hate him, he would rather hate him. He tried his best to hope that Changge could live well.

Ashley Falcon heard the news that Changge had fainted, so he hurried to visit Changge. When Changge woke up, he did not feel the affection of Ashley Falcon. Seeing that Changge did not eat or drink, Ashley Falcon was worried in his heart. He had no choice but to arouse the law to inspire Long Song and let Changge ignite revenge. Heart, regain the will to survive.

Shuyu and Gao both arrived in Yunzhou, and they showed Le Yan’s portrait to the local government. The government learned that Le Yan, who had been here a few days ago, was actually a real princess. As the two wanted, he immediately ordered to go out and look for it. Le Yan. At this time, Le Yan was buying cakes on the street.

A boy stole Le Yan’s purse. Le Yan didn’t know it but still kindly wanted to divide the boy half of the pies. Le Yan didn’t know that the purse was stolen until the lady next to her reminded her. The purse was embroidered by Changge himself for Le Yan, and Le Yan ran a few streets to recover her purse. She could not have the money, just the purse. The boy took the money, and threw the purse back to Le Yan. Le Yan was thinking of Long Song deeply in his heart.

At this time, the officials were searching around with Le Yan’s portrait. Le Yan mistakenly thought they were arrested because she was a fake princess. So she kept running away, to the cloth shop of the lady who had met on the street earlier. In order to avoid the officers and soldiers, Le Yan hid in the water tank. She begged the lady to take her in for a day. Seeing that Le Yan was not a bad person, the lady also agreed to stay in Le Yan for a day.

Chang Ge saw the vast expanse of grassland in the Asile tribe. He watched Asile Falcon distribute gifts to the children in the tribe, and he couldn’t help but think of the scene when she and Le Yan asked Li Shimin for gifts together when they were young.

On the other hand, Le Yan stayed at the cloth shop for one day. She was grateful to the lady who took her in and said that she would repay the lady in the future. When Gao Du and Shuyu learned that the Yunzhou government had lost sight of Le Yan, the two of them couldn’t help getting furious and decided to find Le Yan in person tomorrow.

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