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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 13 Recap

Gongsun Heng saw the determination of Changge to protect the people. He led Changge to the east of the city to meet the enemy. In the east of the city, Ashler Falcon wore a mask. He led tens of thousands of eagle divisions, the most powerful of the Ashler tribe, to attack the city. Gongsun Heng knew that the battle was difficult to win, but he still bravely met the enemy.

The two armies fought at the gate of the city. Gongsun Heng defended the east of the city. The Eagle Division of Ashler’s department was not vain. Gongsun Heng was injured during the battle. He wanted to hold on to finish the battle, but Changge was worried about Gongsun Heng. She asked Sun Gongheng to go back and bandage the wound first, and she defended the east of the city.

After finishing what Ashler Falcon explained, Mukin came with reinforcements. Ashler Falcon told Mukin to wear a mask. Seeing Asler Falcon looking at the wall, he saw the figure of Changge, and Mu Jin also accidentally found the Changge. He knew that Changge was friendly with Asile Falcon, but since the two were not sincere friends, he decided to capture the thief first and take the life of Changge first. Ashler Falcon couldn’t help but shut up Mu Jin.

Subsequently, Ashler Falcon ordered the siege of the city. Changge watched the fierce arrival of the Eagle Division. This time, the Eagle Division was raided. She expected that the Eagle Division’s horses would be hungry and thirsty, so she ordered people to throw food and fodder under the wall, which broke the Ashler Falcon’s plan.

Mukin did not expect that their plan would be disrupted by the long song. Mukin asked the Ashler Falcon to kill the long song. After the Ashler Falcon hesitated, he pulled out the bow. The long song also turned the bow to the Ashler Falcon. The two shot an arrow at each other. The Ashler Falcon escaped the cold arrow of the Long Song. He deliberately shot the arrows. Although the long song was hit by an arrow, it was not hurt. To life.

After falling to the ground after winning an arrow in a long song, Mu Jin provoked people’s hearts. Now that the guard of Shuozhou City is dead, he hopes that the soldiers can surrender quickly. Listening to Ashler’s voice shouting and singing hard, she pulled out the arrows and stood on the wall to cheer up the army.

Looking at the strength of Changge and his strongness, Ashler Falcon was half distressed and half in a dilemma. He ordered to camp outside the city, giving Changge a chance to breathe.

After Changge woke up, she asked Dou to help her change the medicine, and then went to Gongsun Heng to discuss the method of asking for help. Outside the city, Ashler Falcon was worried about the long song, and even wanted to sneak into Shuozhou City to watch the long song. Mu Jin knew that Ashler Falcon deliberately shot the arrow, and he advised Ashler Falcon not to act rashly.

Although the Changge is fine now, they have destroyed the Tuntian, for fear that the soldiers in Shuozhou City would starve to death. Subsequently, Ashler Falcon came forward to solve the hidden danger of Toka, and Shuozhou City must be taken over by the Eagle Division.

The next day, the Ashler tribe captured Daizhou, and the people in the city fled in a hurry. Le Yan was in Daizhou. She heard the cry for help outside the room and couldn’t help but summon up the courage to let Hai Lao let them in. While Hai Lao was preparing to be angry, the soldiers of the Ashler tribe rushed up. Hai Lao hurriedly hid. Le Yan deliberately asked the soldiers to focus on Hai Lao’s side and took the opportunity to escape.

Gao Du found Changge. He fought fiercely against Changge and was ready to correct the law on the spot. Fortunately, Qin Lao rescued him. He did not know what identity Changge was. He only knew that Changge was the commander of Shuozhou City. She strongly rejected foreign enemies and was a meritorious official of Shuozhou City.

After that, Changge thought of the way to save Shuozhou City. The stone canals drained from the river could lead to the city, so they could sneak out to report to the outside world. Changge originally wanted to go to Daizhou in person to ask for help, but Gongsun Heng stopped Changge.

Now Changge is seriously injured and has no energy to go out for help. Gongsun Heng wanted to go in person, but Gongsun Heng must be guarded in the city. Dou knew the overall situation. He decided to go to Daizhou for help without saying anything. Although Changge did not want Dou to be in danger, he decided to ask for help. There is no other way at present, so she has to tell Dou to be very careful.

Ashler’s wolf army invaded Daizhou. They ravaged and killed the people in Daizhou. Le Yan was unwilling to kneel on the wolf army. The wolf army soldiers were ready to kill Le Yan. At the critical moment, Mu Jin came to Daizhou with the order of Ashler Falcon to do business. He inadvertently saved Le Yan’s life and let go of all the old and young women.

Dou went out to ask for help, but when he heard the news of the loss of Daizhou, he had to return to Shuozhou and send a letter to Changge. On the way, Adou was caught by Xiong Shi’s people. Toka She wanted to kill A Dou, but A Dou said that he knew the situation in Shuozhou City, and he was willing to go to Shuozhou City on behalf of Xiong Shi to talk with Gongsun Heng. Hearing this, Tokashe spared Adou’s life, ready to tie Adou to the horse and take Adou to the battle.

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