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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 11 Recap

Changge heard that Gongsun Heng was about to go out to see Simatu and discuss the issue of the northern defense. Changge wanted to go together, but Gongsunsi refused the Changge, and Changge no longer insisted on it, only thinking that it would be a long one in Japan. In the grassland tribe, Tukasu learned that Ashyl Falcon had entered Shuozhou City alone with Mu Jin, and he was going to lead Master Xiong to conquer Shuozhou first, so as to prove who is the descendant of the Wolf God.

Ashley Falcon and Mu Jin went to Shuozhou City to find out about the enemy. Ashley Falcon discovered the easy defensive and difficult points of Shuozhou City. When he was observing the customs of Shuozhou City on the street, he happened to ran into the noodles. Long song with no money. Ashley Falcon once again relieved Changge, and Changge sent Ashley Falcon out of the city. Ashley wanted to persuade Changge to leave Shuozhou.

If Changge was willing, he could go with him to the grassland. Changge refused. Shi Lefalcon, Datang is her homeland. While the group was talking, a few fast horses galloped past, and Ashyl Falcon recognized that this was the outpost of Ashyl tribe. Ashyl was about to attack the city, and he still had his subordinates staying in the north. No, go back to the Ashile tribe.

Chang Ge and A Dou rushed to Shuozhou City, and Chang Ge informed Gongsun Heng of the news that the Asile tribe was about to attack the city, so that Gongsun Heng immediately burned the wolf smoke to warn him. Seeing that Ashile’s soldiers were approaching, Gongsun Heng was not half anxious. Chang Ge couldn’t help but talk about Gongsun Heng’s inability to use soldiers. Gongsun Heng had to order Chang Ge and Adou back to the mansion to rest. Chang Ge was extremely disappointed with Gongsun Heng. She couldn’t help wondering whether this Shuozhou city was the right one.

Gongsuncheng brought his subordinate Xu Feng to see Chang Ge. Xu Feng Xiang Chang Ge explained the cause of the incident. At that time, three things were hidden on the wall. Thousand-bow crossbowmen, if the Assile cavalry strikes with horses, they will soon enter the shooting range of the arrows. When the arrows are all fired, the Assile cavalry will not have time to turn around. They will open the gate to fight again and they will definitely win this. war.

Changge had learned the art of war, and she unexpectedly used the Yanyue Formation by Gongsun Heng. Gongsun Heng was also interested in Changge’s talents and knowledge. He asked Changge to sit down and talk about the next method of deploying troops. Changge uttered the next method of deployment, and he also knew about Gongsunheng’s ambush. It was just a bluff, and there were not so many ambushes in Shuozhou City. She changed her previous attitude and admired Gongsun Heng’s use of soldiers like a god. Although Changge was reckless, she just risked her death to climb the city wall for the sake of the people. Gongsun Heng appreciated Changge, thanked Changge on behalf of the people, and allowed Changge to guard Shuozhou City with him.

Although Master Xiong would not be annihilated, he stunned the snake. After losing the battle, Tukhasu’s attitude was still extremely arrogant, and Ashyl Falcon didn’t care about Tukhasu too much, only saying that he would report everything to the Great Khan as it was. Gongsun Heng’s vigilance was raised by the horror of the Assile tribe. Gongsun Heng sent the Marching Commander Xu Fengxiang to request reinforcements. He knew that Assile’s real strong soldiers had not yet appeared. Changge was very surprised that the impenetrable Shuozhou city actually needed reinforcements.

Gongsun Heng asked Changge to look at the map. There was a river between Shuozhou and the Asile tribe. The river was unguarded and the Assile tribe came and went. Freedom, for Shuozhou’s greatest threat. Changge is witty and smart. She proposed to Gongsun Heng that the river channel should be changed to a battle channel, and she also presented her own method of breaking the enemy.

Gongsun Hengda’s insights admired Gongsun Hengda, and Gongsun Heng couldn’t help but think of King Qin back then. The King Qin used the method of breaking the enemy given by Changge to break his blood and win the battle. Hearing Li Shimin’s name, Chang Ge only gritted her teeth and endured everything. She did not reveal her identity, and only sent a letter of assistance to the court according to Gongsun Heng’s order.

Simatu asked Gongsun Heng to go over the mansion for a comment. Simatu was the chief of the march. Although Gongsun Heng knew that Simatu had no intentions, he didn’t care about Simatu’s face and decided to go alone. The danger here is unknown, and the city of Shuozhou is in danger. Gongsun Heng instructed Mrs. Qin to temporarily hand over the military power to the singer if he can’t return. Mr. Qin will help Changge break the enemy together and guard the side who lives in Shuozhou People.

In Sima Mansion, Sima Tu used Gongsun Heng to send troops privately to meet A Shile, and forcibly detained Gongsun Heng, but he claimed that Gongsun Heng would stay in Sima Mansion to rest overnight. Simatu’s move was spurred by his younger brother. He lobbied Simatu and wanted Simatu to treason with him and vote for Ashele, but Simatu did not say anything.

When Xufeng returned to Fufeng, he was anxious to bring news that Gongsun Heng was detained from Sima Mansion. Old Qin made a decisive decision. Only he, Xufeng and Changge knew about this news. Xufeng must keep an eye on Sima Mansion, and he will do it tomorrow. Decided to take a trip to Sima Mansion. As for Changge, just stay in the mansion without making any movement.

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