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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 15 Recap

Since experiencing that dreamlike horror event, Xiaotao has nightmares every night, and her whole person looks extremely weak. Yin Qing knew that Xiaotao could hardly adapt to the current environment, so she called the shots and personally invited the good sisters from the dance hall to visit her home.

Since Xiaotao has no local friends in Shanghai, she and several other dancers have moved here, and the relationship between them is quite good, so after receiving Yin Qing’s invitation, she was immediately happy. Ye Lina knew that Ye Ming had also received the invitation, so she proposed to go with her, and let everyone sit in their own cars by the way, instead of spending money to find a car.

That night, Ye Ming dreamed of Yu Shaobai again. At this time, he was guiding him to find him step by step, appointing a time and place to meet. Until the next morning, Ye Ming got up and found Lian Xuan and Xiao Qing standing downstairs. In order to distract them, he called the police station himself.

Sure enough, a group of police rushed over. In order to prevent being caught, Lian Xuan just fled and disappeared without a trace. Ye Ming took this opportunity to go downstairs and get directly into Ye Lina’s car. Everyone came to Yin Qing’s mansion together and looked at the magnificent foreign mansion in front of them. They were all amazed. They couldn’t help feeling that Xiao Tao was able to marry a good man.

Although the spring is flourishing in the mountains, the house stands among the flowers and trees, and it looks very beautiful. The only shortcoming is that there is no cook. Little Tao is not good at cooking, and Yin Qing is reluctant to cook, so she takes the initiative to take on three meals a day. The sisters are used to seeing rich businessmen and grandpas, and never thought that the young master of the Yin family would be willing to join her beloved. Chef, then a little envious.

Yin Qing looked after everyone attentively like a four-good husband, cutting the fruit and placing it next to the poker table of Xiaotao. Several people played mahjong lively and talked loudly, because Ye Ming didn’t know much about mahjong, so he could only sit by and watch, looking at his surroundings by the way.

After all, Ye Ming was not an ordinary person, and when he saw that something was wrong with the house, Yin Qing hesitated for a long time, and simply explained the real situation to her. At the same time, the dancing girl who was going to the toilet has not returned. Xiao Tao and others got up to look for it. As a result, they saw dozens of bats hanging in the air with two dancing girls just after they left the house.

Xiaotao was brutally attacked by a bat, but fortunately Yin Qing appeared in time to protect her. After staring at each other for a short time, Xiaotao found that Yin Qing was very similar to the monster face she had seen before, and she fainted instantly. Ye Lina watched Jin Xingjian fly from a distance, and fought with Yin Hao, and immediately understood that he was extraordinary.

Ye Ming heard the screams in the distance and did not stop moving forward. She came to a small courtyard as agreed in the dream, opened the door and entered the room, and suddenly heard Yu Shaobai’s voice. There was a portrait hanging in front of him. The man on it was the person he saw in the dream. Yu Shaobai said that he could not help Ye Ming retrieve his memories, but he could let her see her own memories.

Under the guidance of Yu Shaobai, Ye Ming reached out to touch the portrait, vaguely seeing how she met Yu Shaobai and the process of knowing and loving each other a thousand years ago. Until Yu Shaobai joined the army on the battlefield and was seriously injured, Ye Ming used his own supernatural power to save him. In the end, Ye Ming helped Yu Shaobai lift the seal of the portrait, allowing him to completely regain his freedom. When Lian Xuan hurried over, it was too late.

In fact, Jin Xingjian secretly guided Ye Ming to see Shaobai in order to end all this. If he can’t get out of the painting, he might always be a threat. Upon learning of this, Lian Xuan questioned Jin Xingjian angrily, thinking that he did not care about the consequences, especially seeing what happened ten years ago, but now it will happen again, which is even more difficult to accept. On the other side, Ye Ming learned that he had used half of the Ye Ming Pearl to save Yu Shaobai, accidentally turning him into a blood bat.

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