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The Rebirth of Gu Mingzhu in the House of Gu Mansion

The Rebirth of Gu Mingzhu in the House of Gu Mansion
Other Name: 顾府顾明珠重生

Genre: novel, rebirth, Passing Through
Author: Yu Lou Ren
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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This is an ancient saying that is loved by readers. , The content of the story in the book is constantly inverted, so that countless readers can’t put it down, welcome friends to read. “A charming girl was spoiled by the Nine Uncles” is another name for this article. The specific details in the book introduce: Gu Mingzhu was originally a peerless successor of a medical family, but because of an accident she passed through and became the saddest woman in history. . She was relentlessly divorced when she arrived in this unfamiliar place. Although there are elder brothers and younger brothers behind her back, and grandmother beside her to give her endless protection, but after all, she is a divorced woman, and everyone looks at her with some strange colors. The woman was unwilling, but she was helpless, until the Jiu Shu appeared, the man personally blocked the crowd with his own actions.

Free Reading Highlights:

Gu Mingzhu knew what Boss Nan meant, and looked at Jiu Shu with a smile, but wanted to see if Jiu Shu’s brains could not turn around.

Even Old Lady Gu and Jiang Liuyun looked at His Highness, wanting to see what answer His Highness could say.

Now that Boss Nan asked, it must not be as simple as the traditional three obediences and four virtues.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the traditional three obediences and four virtues? Boss Nan is not stupid, how could it be possible to ask such a simple question.

Gu Limo smiled faintly, “I don’t think so.”

A group of relatives and friends: “…”

No, your highness, don’t dismantle your desk like this!

The men also looked at His Royal Highness, not knowing what His Highness would think.

Gu Limo wore a happy dress, stood upright like loose, looked at Gu Mingzhu, smiled at the corners of his lips, and said with gentle eyebrows, “My palace feels that three compliance means that you must obey her at home, obey her when you go out, and obey if you quarrel. she was.

The four virtues mean that the lady has to wait for “get” when applying makeup, the lady has to “get it” when she spends money, the lady has to “get it” if she is angry, and the lady needs to remember “get” if she likes it. “

Gu Mingzhu burst into laughter when she heard it.

Before Uncle Jiu came in, he picked up the red wedding dress and stepped out with one foot. He stood still in front of the man and said with a smile, “The answer is correct. Uncle Jiu can hug the beauty!”

A crowd: “…”

After a daze, I reacted, and immediately looked at each other, and my heart felt bad!

I’m going, God, that’s what I mean!

The key is, how does Your Highness know what these women are thinking!

One answer is accurate!

too frightening!

His Royal Highness is indeed His Royal Highness, the high mountain stands up!

Boss Nan laughed, “His Royal Highness is really sincere to Xiao Qi, I wish you young couple live together, and give birth to a child!”

After all, he turned to the men over there and sneered, “You are still married to your husband, no wonder you are still single dogs!”

A crowd of men: “…”

Happy day, others attack!

Mrs. Gu also laughed loudly, “Okay! Very good!”

Unexpectedly, as the prince, His Royal Highness could say these things. He really likes Zhuzhu!

It is worthy of staying in Gu’s house for ten years, and continue to carry forward the style of petting Zhuzhu.

Jiang Liuyun was also extremely relieved.

Zhuzhu is the same as Xiuxiu, she grew up watching, and both are her girls. It is her biggest wish that they can pick a good husband.

After all, the son is by his side, so if he can manage it, the girl is married to another family. Good or bad, she can’t get in.

Only when she chooses a good husband can she be relieved!

Even Gu Mingzhu’s five elder brothers, uncles and fathers were convinced and admired.

This question, let them solve it, can’t solve it so well, which shows how sincere His Highness is.

His Royal Highness is indeed sincere and sincere in treating Zhuzhu.

The charming daughter of their Gu Mansion is worthy of such a good wishful man.

As a result, everyone had no objections, and the bridegroom carried the bride out of the gate of Gu’s residence.

Xi Niang should have memorialized it, but my Highness refused to let me recite it in person.

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