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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 5 Recap

Chang Ge was wounded by an arrow. She lay dying by the river, and was met by Ashley Falcon again. Ashley Falcon stepped forward to save Changge, but he also discovered that Changge was a daughter. When Changge woke up, Ashley Falcon concealed her knowledge of the identity of Changge. Changge was extremely vigilant. She refused Ashley Falcon’s help, and only gritted her teeth to pull out the broken arrow, and took a sip. liqueur.

Wei Zheng angered Li Shimin. He believed that Li Shimin would not save his life, so he was ready to die. Li Shimin is a benevolent and virtuous person. If Shuyu wants to follow Li Shimin after his death, Wei Zheng has no complaints. At this moment, Li Shimin sent someone to bring a food box. Wei Zheng originally thought it was the poison that got him to Huangquan, but Li Shimin had a great heart. What he sent was Wei Zheng’s favorite cherries. This cherries was made by the crown prince. Cooking in person is enough to represent Li Shimin’s sincerity. Wei Zheng, who has a hard-hearted heart, is also moved by Li Shimin and prepares to follow Li Shimin.

Ashley Falcon ordered people to find clothes and wound medicine for Changge. After Changge changed his clothes, he came to thank Ashley Falcon for his rescue. The two of them drank strong alcohol together, but they concealed their identities. The name is Qin Zhun, and Changge is aliased to Shisi Lang, and they have made friends with each other. Li Changge carries the Prince’s Seal in his body, and the Prince’s Seal is of great significance.

Although Li Shimin is kind and generous, he can’t help being cruel for a big plan. He secretly reveals to Du Ruhui, asking Du Ruhui to retrieve the Prince’s Seal at all costs, even if he kills Long Song. After that, Le Yan came to see Li Shimin. She begged Li Shimin to let go of the long song, but Li Shimin made Le Yan forget the long song. Without waiting for Le Yan to think more, he sent a marriage imperial decree to the East Palace, and Le Yan was named a princess and became the marriage partner of Datang.

Du Ruhui knew that Li Changge and Shuyu had a deep relationship. He thought that Changge would definitely find Shuyu, so he asked Gao Du to keep an eye on Shuyu. As soon as Changge appeared, he would take back the Prince’s Seal and get rid of Longge. As everyone knows, Changge and Atou have already met at this time, and Atou officially bowed his head to apprentice, and decided to follow Li Changge to Youzhou. Youzhou governor Li Yuan had a very good relationship with Li Jiancheng, and Chang Ge was going to ask Li Yuan for help, persuading Li Yuan to send troops to help and avenge her family.

Li Shimin visited Wei Zheng again. Wei Zheng changed his previous attitude and was willing to let Li Shimin sit down and have a cup of tea. When he saw that Li Shimin was worried about Le Yan’s marriage, he also took the initiative to give Li Shimin a strategy to get Le Yan out of the marriage. . When Li Shimin returned to the mansion, he instructed Le Yan according to Wei Zheng’s request. Le Yan must declare to the outside world that he had a strange disease, and that the disease needed to go to Luoyang for treatment.

He had already taken care of everything for Le Yan, but Le Yan had to leave. Le Yan’s strange illness can help her get rid of the marriage. Li Shimin looked at Le Yan crying and couldn’t help but think of Long Song’s male spirit. The journey to Luoyang was far away, and Li Shimin arranged for Shuyu to accompany him. Looking at Le Yan’s back, he knew in his heart that Le Yan would understand what he did in the future.

In Youzhou City, Ashley Falcon deliberately arranged for his subordinates to smuggle coal mines, attracting the attention of the goalkeeper and preparing to explore the reality of Youzhou City. Chang Ge and Atou also arrived in Youzhou City. There was nothing to be entangled in the two of them. They only lived in the dilapidated wood house, while Ashley Falcon and his party moved into the superior room.

Shuyu sent Le Yan to Luoyang Palace. He originally wanted to return to Chang’an, but Gao Du brought the prince’s verbal order. Shuyu did not have to return to Chang’an, but followed Gao Du to Youzhou City to capture the seal of the long song and summon. Li Yuan entered the palace. When I went to Youzhou City, Gao Du ordered him to proceed. If he saw Chang Ge’s figure, he would remove it directly. If Shuyu stopped him, he would also remove it. Le Yan in the room heard his words. More worried about Shuyu.

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