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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 3 Recap

The movement of Rong’en Temple alarmed Du Ruhui. He checked the whereabouts of Changge all night. After finding that Changge was hiding in a pastry shop, a sudden fire rescued Changge and destroyed all traces of Changge. Xuanling came to see Du Ruhui at this time. Du Ruhui knew that Fang Xuanling intended to protect the long song. Fang Xuanling was here. He was unwilling to do useless things, so he retreated. Changge knew that the fire was strange, but she didn’t accept this favor. Her mother was still in the Rongen Temple, and she would definitely avenge her. When escaping, the little beggar followed Changge closely. Even though the little beggar knew the identity of Changge, he still regarded Changge as his master and followed closely.

In order to explain the rumors in the army, King Qin ordered the pardon of the second king’s party feathers. The change of Xuanwu Gate was not what he wanted. He only hoped that the storm would pass as soon as possible, and the Tang Dynasty would be safe. Ashley Falcon didn’t expect King Qin to have such a bold spirit. Now he failed to make an envoy to Chang’an, so he was planning to go to Youzhou for a trip and plan to find something else in Youzhou. On the one hand, to complete the mission of the Khan, on the other hand, to let the “good brother” Ashyl Sheer speak no more.

Le Yan knows that Fang Xuanling has always loved Changge. She asked Fang Xuanling about the whereabouts of Changge. Changge is a child taught by Fang Xuanling. She is naturally alert and clever and has not been caught, but this time the long song. It’s going to suffer. Later, Fang Xuanling Du Ruhui talked to King Qin about political affairs. Du Ruhui did not approve of Qin’s pardoning of the Second King’s party feathers.

Du Ruhui ordered the gates to guard each of the city gates, and the fish that slipped through the net, Ashley Falcon originally wanted to get out of the city, but was accidentally hit by Changge on the street. Changge recognized Ashile Falcon, and A Shile Falcon knew that Changge was a member of the East Palace. He covered the past for Changge, but because of this, he lost the opportunity to leave the city and had to decide to find another way.

Du Ruhui came to the Wei Mansion, but Wei Zheng kept avoiding him. Du Ruhui mentioned the current situation in the Wei Mansion and said more about Shuyu. Shuyu knew that the prince was gone, and King Qin had become the new prince, so he accepted Du Ruhui’s fish charm, willing to return to the new prince, and persuade his father more. After Du Ruhui left, Shuyu saw Li Changge. He told Li Changge of his situation. Li Shimin was kind. He wanted Changge to follow him into the palace. Li Shimin would not be embarrassed by Changge. Changge let go of Shuyu’s hand. Not only would he not believe Shuyu, but he also stole Shuyu’s fish charm secretly, preparing to sneak into the palace.

Li Changge came to Li Shimin’s study. When she was about to start with Li Shimin, Du Ruhui entered the room and brought the prince Yuxi and costumes. Li Shimin asked Du Ruhui to leave first. He knew that the long song was hidden in the house, so he let the long song come out. Chang Ge is holding a treasured sword and beckoning against Li Shimin. Even though Li Shimin wants to let Li Changge go, Chang Ge hates Li Shimin so much that she will kill her mother-in-law. The movement in the room was known to Du Ruhui. Du Ruhui led his troops to take the long song on the spot. He wanted to put the long song to death, but Li Shimin protected the long song and ordered people to keep it in the wing for good living.

Du Ruhui didn’t want Li Shimin to raise the tiger, and secretly ordered Haodu to send troops to guard Changge. Once he found Changge escaped, he immediately rectified the law. Fang Xuanling came to play chess with Li Shimin. This time it was Li Shimin’s urgent call. Li Shimin was worried about the long song. He deliberately asked Fang Xuanling to help secretly. The assassination of Li Shimin came about the next day. After Ashley Falcon learned of Li Shimin’s assassination, he expected that the long song hit on the street today was the assassin, so he planned to go there for a long song, the enemy’s enemy. It is a friend.

Fang Xuanling went to Le Yan. He knew that Changge would not lead him to love, so he told Le Yan how to save her. Le Yan came to see Changge. Changge was always smart. She knew that everything Le Yan did was made by Fang Xuanling, so she didn’t want to lead Le Yan’s affection. According to Fang Xuanling’s confession, Le Yan wanted to impress Long Song with her sister’s affection. Long Song could not accept all these changes. She could no longer become good sisters with her murderous enemy daughter, so she stunned Le Yan and pretended to be Le Yan. In the same way, he sneaked into the study and escaped with the Prince’s Seal.

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