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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 29 Recap

Tang Mingxuan really likes Chinese style design, and he is determined to resist the pressure to develop Song Tang, and he can appreciate Cheng Yang’s talent even more. I believe he can bring Song Tang a whole new future. Everything about Tang Mingxuan made Cheng Yang feel that he had chosen the right person and inherited this trust. From now on, Cheng Yang truly regarded Tang Mingxuan as a confidant.

After Tang Mingxuan and Cheng Yang separated, they went back to Mingyuan to look for Murphy, who was still working. The mood of the two was affected by various things, but it did not affect the feelings and trust between them. During the exchange of love, Tang Mingxuan couldn’t help but impulsively kiss Murphy, after all, it was already off work time, and even the company regulations couldn’t control them.

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy walked sweetly on the way home, and the two sent each other home, just to have more excuses and reasons to stay longer. Back at the door of Murphy’s house, Mo Fan also happened to go home. He casually teased that a couple showed their affection in the public courtyard, which made Murphy a little embarrassed and quickly urged Tang Mingxuan to go back.

When he got home, Mo Fei realized that Mo Fan didn’t know when, he had changed his name to Tang Mingxuan’s brother-in-law. Murphy wanted to grasp the love career with both hands, with a positive and sweet appearance. Mo Fan seemed a little sluggish, as if he hadn’t seen Lu Zhu’s thoughts on him at all, and he was thinking of waiting for success and fame before considering the issue of feelings.

Mingyuan used the design of Liu Pei and Cheng Yang in this Symphony Show. This is undoubtedly exciting news for Cheng Yang’s team. They are also more motivated to make some achievements. However, Daxiu needed the finished product, but Xia Xueling deliberately buckled the fabric and refused to approve it. Murphy could only come to inquire about the situation.

Murphy applied for the fabric three days ago, but she saw Xia Xueling first approved Liu Pei’s fabric, but Liu Pei only applied for it yesterday. Xia Xueling obviously mixed personal emotions in his work and deliberately targeted Cheng Yang’s team, which made Murphy a little unable to restrain his emotions.

The two refused to give in to each other, and Murphy was even more immune to Xia Xueling’s aggressive methods, deliberately threatening to marry Tang Mingxuan tomorrow, who knew that Tang Mingxuan was standing behind her. Seeing that Murphy was still angry when he returned to the office, Tang Mingxuan deliberately teased Murphy, seeming to take the matter of getting married tomorrow. Tang Mingxuan didn’t care about this incident, but Murphy was worried that it would cause trouble to him after calming down.

After Fang Weiguo got the news of Fang Qian’s illness, he deliberately took Zhuang Yuerong to Shanghai in a hurry. The father and daughter met again after three years. Apart from excitement and tears, it was a blessing. Fang Weiguo thought more than once that Fang Qian might no longer be in this world. Now that Fang Qian can come back safely, the joy in his heart is beyond words.

Looking at Fang Weiguo’s anxious appearance, Fang Qian couldn’t answer whether she was feeling well, but anxiously checked Fang Weiguo’s blood pressure. Fang Weiguo and Fang Qian cared for each other, and Fang Xiaoyu saw the touching scene. Although there was hatred in his heart, Fang Xiaoyu didn’t want the family to reunite, but his mother’s death made him hard to let go.

For this big show of illusion and smoke, Moffitt deliberately rushed to Suzhou, wanting to see if the embroidery can add luster to this design. It was raining heavily outside, and Morphy was blocking the car on the side of the road under the rain, and suddenly felt a hand around him, and the rain on his head was also cut off.

Tang Mingxuan accompanied Murphy to study the idea of ​​embroidering into the new design together. The relationship between the two is on the rise. As long as they can successfully acquire SLC, even if Murphy goes to France to continue school, they will have enough time to get along.

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