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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 28 Recap

Qi Yue offered to pick up Su Xing with Qingping. Su Xing came out still thinking about Qi Yue’s body. Qi Yue said that after returning home, he would hold a press conference and he would help Su Xing clarify. After Su Xing came back, he happened to meet Jiang Su Xing is no longer good enough, let him stop being self-righteous. Qi Yue went to see Mr. Xue and said that he would help Su Xing clarify the drunk driving matter later, but Mr. Xue refused to let Qi Yue get involved.

Su Xing and Pete are preparing for the press conference. At the press conference, Su Xing sincerely apologized to everyone, saying that beating is completely ridiculous. The reason for drunk driving was that a friend had a sudden illness and made such a choice as a last resort. Pete couldn’t contact Qi Yue, Qi Yue was late, and the reporters didn’t believe it. Some people even thought that Pudding was Su Xing’s illegitimate son. The reporter and Su Xing had a dispute. Su Xing fell off the reporter’s camera in a rage, repeatedly angering him. Next, I pushed the reporter on the spot. The press conference was in a mess. Sun Xiaoai was very worried when she saw the live video. Ye Lang wanted her to have dinner with her friends. Sun Xiaoai agreed to thank him.

Su Xing offended the media, and Pete scolded Su Xing impulsively. He couldn’t protect Su Xing now. Qi Yue came back at this time and apologized pretendingly that Mr. Xue didn’t let him go to the press conference, and he couldn’t help himself. Su Xing was frustrated, and Pete knew that it was not Qi Yue that Mr. Xue was looking for, but Su Xing that Qi Yue went to find himself. What Ling Qiyue did not expect was that it was not him who replaced Su Xing as the hot-blooded ping-pong male number one, but Louis Wei.

The paparazzi who followed Su Xing accidentally found a video taken in the past. It was a video of Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai accidentally tearing the curtains. The paparazzi quickly posted the video with ambiguous text. Su Xing once again fell into public opinion. storm. Pete was still fighting for Qi Yue’s male number one, so he received the Su Xing scandal. After Jia Changan discovered the video, he quickly sent someone to post the video of Su Xing’s previous reality show online, preparing to let out a sigh of anger.

Su Xing sorted out his emotions and returned home. Su Xing felt sorry for Su Xing. Su Xing saw the news before he had time to rest and said that Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai had an affair. Su Xing was very anxious, so Su Xing quickly comforted him and said no. Thing. Ye Lang came to pick up Sun Xiaoai for dinner. Sun Xiaoai’s expression was not very good, and he often wandered away. He also received a call from Su Xing. Su Xing said that Jia Changan posted the video on the Internet to discredit them, and that Sun Xiaoai would soon be humanized, so that she should be psychologically prepared. Su Xing was very sorry to Sun Xiaoai and thanked her for helping to take care of her family.

Production Jiang has always had a grudge against Su Xing, and this time he even plans to sever his career. Julie waited for him at Qi Yue’s house, and Qi Yue said that she would definitely be able to win a role for her. Su Xing saw several e-mails from Min Na, all of which were greeting him about his recent situation. Pete called again and said that Jiang Producer had shaken the car out, obviously wanting Rasu Xing to enter the water. After dinner, Ye Lang sent Sun Xiaoai home, saying that he would always be by his side. Su Xing deliberately came out for a run, full of jealousy, and the two immediately froze each other.

Peter took Su Xing to meet with President Xue. President Xue was very dissatisfied with this public relations and wanted to clear Qingping, Linda and others. Su Xing hurriedly proposed to bear all the compensation. Faced with Mr. Xue’s yin and yang strangeness, Su Xing got up and left. These compensations can burn Su Xing’s hard work for so many years. He is now hidden by the snow, and only rich net worth is left to ensure that he will have no worries in the future.

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