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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 29 Recap

Xiao Chuo looked at Yelu left behind and discussed the affairs of the court with the prime minister. Both believed that Yuan Kan was not intentional. Xiao Chuo considered that now that he has to return the government to the emperor, he does not want to refute the emperor too much. Decision-making is left to Yelu to stay and go to the Song Dynasty.

Today’s memorial arrived, and the ministers still did not see Yuan Kan. Pan Taifu thought that Yuan Kan had not been in court for ten days, but he still criticized the memorial on time. He couldn’t help but feel puzzled and urged Zhang Jingzong to see him. Does Yuan Kan really “feel the wind cold occasionally”. Liu E appeared in time and arranged for the autumn festival on the grounds of passing the emperor’s verbal order.

Kou Zhun publicly suspected that the memorial handwriting came from Liu E, but Liu E and Yuan Kan’s handwriting were so similar that even Mr. Cao, who was a teacher of Yuan Kan, could not distinguish. Taifu Cao again mentioned that he wanted to face the saint. When Liu E asked about it, Cao Taifu hesitated to talk about the prince. Liu E took the opportunity to challenge the offenders of his officials. This scared everyone to rush and watch Liu E. E leaves.

Liu E ordered Jing Zong to send the finest cloth to Prince Ji’s mansion, and by the way, let Concubine Ji bring her newborn child into the palace. In Prince Ji’s Mansion, Princess Cao sat aside weeping, and Taifu Cao also bowed her head and sighed. It turned out that it was Liu E who proposed to keep the newly-born little prince Yuner in the palace for a few more days. There is an attempt, it is not the intention of throwing a rat avoidance device.

But Wang Ji, who was on the side, devoted himself wholeheartedly to copying the paintings, and couldn’t hear the crying sound at all. When he was alone with Cao Taifu, King Ji asked if the emperor was really seriously ill. Taifu Cao nodded based on a few days of speculation, but King Ji suspected that the disease appeared immediately after the civet cat, and it was the emperor’s establishment of a spy. All doubts can only wait until the autumn festival day, whether the emperor appears.

Liu E looked at the baby in the arms of the grandmother. Now, for the stability of the country and to contain the court, Liu E also had to keep the little prince in the palace. The autumn festival is about to come, but Yuan Kan has no intention of waking up, and Liu E’s heart can’t help but worry.

Returning to the bedroom, Liu E served Yuan Kan with all his might. Looking at Yuan Kan’s sleeping face, Liu E couldn’t help pouring out recent troubles, calling out Yuan Kan’s name, Liu E couldn’t help but fantasize about Yuan Kan waking up. Days, the two can have another son, and when the country changes hands, the two will share a happy life again. I saw Liu E holding Yuan Kan’s body, crying silently in the beautiful fantasy.

Yu Shu waited for his brother Pan Liang to appear in the garden, only to hear a strange sound, Yu Shu followed the sound all the way, but saw a sealed room, Yu Shu trembling opened the door lock, only saw a civet cat rushing out. Yu Shu fell to the ground in fright. When the civet cat ran away, Pan Liang waved his hand to Yu Shu in anger. He finally raised a civet cat that went crazy when he heard the drums, and was accidentally let go by Yushu.

At the last Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, Pan Liang deliberately guided Yushu to suggest Liu E to play drums, but the trickery failed. Now it is impossible to repeat the same tricks. Yushu retorted that he and Yuan Kan would definitely not have a son, and no matter how vain they were. Unexpectedly, Pan Liang’s purpose is not only to let Yushu compete for favor, but to follow the example of Taizu to win the country and let the throne change the surname Pan…

Su Yijian found a large number of Liao army riding on the street on the street. When he saw Yelu, the leader, stayed behind, Su Yijian quickly reported to Liu E that the one who came this time must be bad. Seeing that Liu E had some reservations, Su Yijian pointed out that with his familiarity with Liu E’s handwriting, it must be Liu E, not Yuan Kan, who left comments on the memorial. Fortunately, it was Su Yijian that Liu E revealed. Yuan Kan is still in a coma, and his recovery has yet to be expected.

Yelu stayed at the gate of the palace and insisted on meeting with the emperor. Su Yijian hosted a banquet in Jiying Hall in accordance with Liu E’s will. Seeing Liu E appeared alone, the ministers began to inquire about Yuan Kan’s physical condition, but Liu E rejected them one by one. Unexpectedly, as soon as Yelu stayed behind, he yelled to see Yuan Kan in person, claiming that Yuan Kan had broken the covenant.

Taifu Cao on the side also began to attack Liu E and asked Yuan Kan to appear. Seeing that Liu E was about to be unstoppable, Yuan Kan appeared with Zhang Jingzong’s support and began to officially receive Yelu staying behind. At the beginning of the banquet, Yelu Liushou presented the defective products and asked for an explanation. Yuan Kan watched Yelu’s aggressive appearance and remained silent.

During Yuan Kan’s coma for more than ten days, Li Wan’er insisted on begging Buddha to worship God in order to pray for Yuan Kan’s awakening. Now Yuan Kan went to the banquet, and the palace ladies hurriedly informed Li Wan’er of the news. Li Wan’er obviously couldn’t stand the sudden stimulation and fainted in the Buddhist hall. After the diagnosis by the imperial physician, Li Wan’er was said to be weak and fainted due to exhaustion for many days. After hearing this, the nurse asked Dr. Dong to prescribe the medicine.

Yuan Kan handed over the defective product to Kou Zhun for investigation and promised an explanation within ten days. But Yelu Liushou deliberately mentioned that he was going to worship Emperor Xuanyuan, the ancestor of the world, and he would worship Emperor Taizong himself. The audience heard that Yelu’s stay was deliberately to worship Emperor Xuanyuan’s Xinzheng. This move was naturally a violation of the covenant between the two countries. The reason for worship was unassailable, and Yuan Kan could not stop it. I hope Kou Zhun can find out the truth as soon as possible.

Kou Zhun and Yuan Kan approached Wang Qinruo and Ding Wei, and the two confessed with shoddy incidents, which caused Yuan Kan to be furious. They confessed that they would prepare forty thousand cloths to return to the Liao Dynasty, and forbid Wang Qinruo to go back. towards.

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