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Tuan Chong Meng Bao: Daddy, Mommy’s Vest is a Big Brother

Tuan Chong Meng Bao Daddy Mommy’s vest is a big brother
Other Name: 团宠萌宝爹地妈咪马甲是大佬, Tuan Chong Meng Bao Daddy’s, Tuan Chong Meng Bao: Daddy, Mommy’s Vest is a Big Brother

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Mu Han
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Ye Chutang, who performed the task, unexpectedly entangled Fengchengyi overnight for some special reason. Afterwards, she ran away and was ordered to kill by the man. Six years later, when she reappears, everything will change. Ye Chutang in the eyes of the world is just a soil bun from the countryside, and he is not worthy of being with Fengcheng Yi. As everyone knows, in order to catch her, he simply took great pains. That night, she gave birth to his child. Now every little baby is a genius among geniuses.

Free Reading Highlights:

At this moment, Feng Chengyi had already walked to the entrance of the banquet hall.

He swept his gaze, and almost instantly saw the woman in the hall held by the stars.

Ye Chutang wore a black dress, holding a wine glass in his hand, and the corners of his lips curled up with a smile.

The eyes are tucked, and the teary moles don’t know if it is because they are soaked in wine, making them more vivid.

Around her, the researchers who were rated as straight men of the Academy’s ashes all came back to life and showed their hospitality to her.

She smiled at everyone, the ridiculous not reaching the bottom of her eyes, like a heartless fairy.

Feng Chengyi’s eyes darkened a bit, and when he was about to move forward, he saw two small figures.

His pupils shrank.

Oh, it really is this kid Feng Zhiheng!

And beside him, the little girl is too familiar, isn’t it Ye Chutang’s daughter?

Feng Chengyi only found it absurd.

When did his own son, who usually doesn’t say a word, met Ye Chutang’s daughter, and the relationship was so good?

Still walking hand in hand?

Thinking of this, he strode over.

“Brother Cheng Yi, why are you here?” Su Yurou was a little surprised when she saw Feng Cheng Yi.

She also asked Feng Chengyi in the morning, and he said that he would not come if something happened.

Therefore, Su Yurou ridiculed Ye Chutang, saying that Fengcheng Yi would not come if she took the banquet.

But now…

Feng Chengyi went to ask Feng Zhiheng anxiously what was going on, seeing Su Yurou still not letting go, suddenly annoyed.

One sentence almost blurted out: “You are not suitable for black, don’t wear it anymore.”

After all, Feng Chengyi bypassed her directly.

Su Yurou reacted after he walked for two seconds, and suddenly the expression on her face could hardly be maintained!

She turned her head quickly, and saw Feng Chengyi walking quickly to Ye Chutang’s side!

Ye Chutang again! Su Yurou’s nails were almost pinched into her palms.

Feng Chengyi must have done a genetic test, she didn’t believe it, Ye Chutang could still get out of it this time!

At that time, she would tell Ye Chutang’s son that he was their biological father and killed their biological mother!

Su Yurou’s eyes were filled with poison until she saw Feng Chengyi approaching the two children.

She saw the boy’s face clearly.

Is it Feng Zhiheng?

Oh no, it’s Ye Tinglou! How could Feng Zhiheng’s autistic child have a playmate? !

Su Yurou’s heart suddenly jumped wildly.

What would happen if Feng Chengyi found Yetinglou?

At this moment, Feng Chengyi had already arrived in front of Ye Tinglou: “Zhiheng?”

He stared, locking the Ye Tinglou in front of him: “Why are you here?”

Seeing Feng Chengyi in Ye Tinglou, his breath froze.

Didn’t Mommy say that Daddy won’t come today?

Ye Tinglou quickly looked at Ye Chutang who was walking over quickly.

Similarly, Ye Chutang also looked at him, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Just as the mother and son were thinking about a hundred times, the voice of Zhang’s mother came from Fengchengyi’s mobile phone:

“Sir, Master is in his room…”

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