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There is fairy in this girl

There is fairy in this girl
Other Name: 这个女郎中有仙气, There is Immortality in This Girl

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Jian Yu Jiangnan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Cheng Barnyard. Cao grew up in the mountains and became a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, so she has an innate talent for medical skills. She lost her mother at a very young age, rumored to be swallowed by a giant python in the mountains. But she didn’t expect that in the year when she was sixteen, she also saw the rumored giant python and ended up just like her mother. Fortunately, living at the foot of Maoshan Mountain, Li Daoshi on the mountain took action in time, rescued her from the mouth of the giant python, and awakened her with sixty-four Chinese medicines. Since then, she has carried a smell of medicine on her body. The story of the little girl is not over yet. After she grew up, she inherited her father’s business and became a girl…

Free Reading Highlights:

Master Gongsun learned that his younger brother-in-law, Yan Songzi’s private possession of the “witch”, alarmed the current prince concubine. It’s worth it. How could such “unclean things” occur in Maoshan’s fiefdom? This is true, even if you don’t die, you have to be skinned!

Master Gongsun hurriedly asked his wife to amend the book and sent it directly to the Rongcheng County Office, and told the postman in the palace to personally hand it to his sister.

Why not leave it to Master Yan? There is particularity here. Master Yan is the magistrate of the county, a county magistrate, and belongs to the official family. If Master Gongsun tells Master Yan the news, it is a leak, and if it leaks royal secrets, it will be decapitated. But such a thing cannot but tell him. What should I do? I had to write a letter in the name of my wife to tell my sister that in this way, it was a letter from the family, and the letter was a private matter and family affair, and the official could not control it.

But it was just such an urgent letter concerning his family’s life that was delayed by Guizhi after many setbacks.

Guizhi brought the decoction to Mrs. Gongsun that day. She originally wanted to hand over the letter to the wife. But when she was serving the decoction, she forgot to put the letter away and took the medicine into the wife’s inner room.

Gongsun Mo hadn’t seen the master during this period of time. On this day, Gongsun Mo had just finished the fumigation, with a radiant face and full of energy, and he was enjoying the flowers in the back garden accompanied by the maid Lagerstroemia. At this time, Master Yan Songziyan happened to be free, and he also slipped into the back garden.

“Madam, ma’am, ah, ma’am, long time no see! How come you have become so beautiful, ah, hahaha! Madam is so healthy, it is my blessing to Yan someone, haha!” Yan Songzi saw Gongsun Mo from a distance While playing and admiring flowers, he greeted him happily.

“Master, master, how are these two days?” Gongsun Mo felt a little uncomfortable seeing Yan Songzi holding his hand in front of the maid.

“By the way, have you seen the urgent item sent from the palace yesterday? What is it? I have to send it by urgent letter!” Mrs. Yan asked about the letter when they met.

“What letter? What urgent? I didn’t receive it!” Gongsun Mo asked the urgent matter as soon as he saw the master, and asked himself at a loss.

“Ah, this, this, how is this possible, Guizhi didn’t hand the letter to you?” Master Yan saw that Madam didn’t even know about it, and his thoughts were broken. It must be that the girl Guizhi didn’t give the letter to Madam, otherwise Madam. How could I not know.

“Quick, go and call Guizhi!” Master Yan hurriedly asked the maid Ziwei to find Guizhi.

Guizhi and Barnyard Grass have been living in the House of Lord Yan recently. Today, it is rare to have free time. Guizhi accompanied Barnyard Grass to the Yutang Spring Pharmacy to help his wife choose medicinal materials.

“Miss, is this the golden snow lotus you are talking about?” Gui Zhi pointed to a snow lotus and said.

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