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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 4 Recap

The first day Shen Ruoxin moved to the administrative department was all kinds of troubles. The saying that the tiger was bullied by the dog seemed very appropriate to her. Anticipating such a situation, Qi Xiao took the initiative to apply to Liu Pei for a job transfer, and was willing to follow Shen Ruoxin, two legal professionals, but ended up staying in the administration department to do miscellaneous tasks and was of little use.

In order to give Qi Xiao a better future, Shen Ruoxin called his friend Cindy and asked her to help introduce suitable jobs. However, Qi Xiao just came out of the cottage, it is completely a blank sheet of paper, right now it is most suitable to stay with Shen Ruoxin to learn experience, and wait for him to have work experience or to change jobs.

Because Cindy is a professional headhunter, she views Shen Ruoxin’s situation from a rational and professional perspective and at the same time provides her with useful workplace information. Shen Ruoxin readily accepted Cindy’s suggestion, and spent a few years in the administration department. When he returned to the company, he happened to see Qi Xiao being harassed by an old employee and had to introduce him personally.

Although everyone still calls Shen Ruoxin as a manager, they all know that she is now in name but not real, even if the status of ordinary employees can’t match. The veteran employees used all kinds of excuses to exploit Shen Ruoxin’s labor force. Even Qi Xiao couldn’t stand it after she was busy. However, Shen Ruoxin seemed to have no emotions and accepted everything silently. He worked overtime until midnight every day. Early, sleep later than the dog.

Qi Xiao took Shen Ruoxin’s ride home, but she did not expect that she would live in the same community or even the same unit floor as herself. During the period, Qi Xiao found that Shen Ruoxin’s mobile phone was a bit strange, and casually mentioned the guess about the installation of monitoring equipment. As a result, this sentence made Shen Ruoxin suddenly alert, thinking of Cui Lixin’s strange behavior, and suddenly realized.

After returning home, Shen Ruoxin saw the questionable post through the forum, so he immediately went to Qi Xiao to investigate the IP address of the poster. It didn’t take long for him to locate Baoshan District along the way. As for the detailed address, he still needs to check it carefully. After hanging up the phone, Qi Xiao looked solemn and sent the message to Shen Ruoxin’s other mobile phone. Through the conversation between the two, it was enough to show that they were baiting.

As Shen Ruoxin expected, Cui Lixin came downstairs early in the morning with flowers, trying to make excuses for telling lies. Shen Ruoxin couldn’t understand that he was still continuing the game of cat and mouse, and simply took out the employee information he had obtained in advance to reveal what he had done. Qi Xiao didn’t understand why Shen Ruoxin let Cui Lixin go. He should have been able to explain clearly to Liu Pei and prove his innocence, but Shen Ruoxin didn’t want to make things happen. Maybe Cui Lixin couldn’t bear the internal torment, so he might personally ask Liu Pei to explain the situation. .

The product promotion partner brought a lot of information, and President Li arranged for Shen Ruoxin to be responsible for the classification. Qi Xiao took the initiative to help. Seeing her sitting on the ground busy with work, he couldn’t help but be fascinated. In the next few days, Qi Xiao will often act as Shen Ruoxin’s flower protector, and at the same time wonder how Shen Ruoxin can be bullied and not angry.

After repeated consideration, Cui Li and Shen Ruoxin met in the subway where they first met and talked about the two people’s journey from meeting to falling in love. It is precisely because of this conversation that Shen Ruoxin finally understands how much Cui Lixin loves herself, and will always express care inadvertently, but the way of love is too extreme, which shows that he should be a good person, but unfortunately it is not appropriate.

Shen Ruoxin came to the company with a heavy heart, and decided to turn the video over and not pursue it anymore. You Sijia has a very good relationship with Shen Ruoxin. In addition, she was once her competent assistant, so she was deliberately excluded and suppressed by Ruan Ye. Shen Ruoxin encouraged You Sijia to persevere, at least get stuck in the internship, and asked her to transfer the company to Clay. Finding out the loopholes in the contract, and giving it to Ruan Ye, is enough to keep his job.

Although the method was good, it allowed Ruan Ye to find opportunities to make things difficult for Shen Ruoxin. Through this period of contact, Qi Xiao gradually changed her outlook. When Shen Ruoxin heard Qi Xiao talking about her mother, she couldn’t help but think of her mother, so she went to school to look for her after get off work, but Shen’s mother was still upset about what happened before and did not accept Shen Ruoxin’s apology.

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