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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 27 Recap

When Fang Qian came back this time, besides wanting to see Tang Mingxuan, she also wanted to persuade Fang Xiaoyu to let go of her hatred. Although Fang Qian has always been abroad, she is very aware of Fang Xiaoyu’s three-year state. He and Tang Mingxuan were once the best brothers, but they turned against each other because of my misunderstanding.

There is no right or wrong in emotional matters, and Fang Qian never thinks that Tang Mingxuan owes herself anything, maybe after all, she still feels reluctant, but she has decided to let it go. Fang Qian also hoped that Fang Xiaoyu could put aside the past, look to the future, and not be blinded by hatred to his life and hinder the path he should have taken.

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy are in a sweet love. There is a problem about the company’s inability to fall in love publicly. Although it will bring some troubles to Tang Mingxuan, he does not intend to let Murphy opt out. Tang Mingxuan really likes Murphy, so it is natural to consider her future. If she can make fame and works during the holidays, it will certainly be of great benefit to her future.

Mo Fei was still immersed in sweetness when she returned home. She suddenly found that Mo Yuxin had returned and saw her being sent back by Tang Mingxuan. Tang Mingxuan and Mo Yuxin have met once, but Mo Yuxin hopes to have a chance to meet Tang Mingxuan formally.

Xia Xueling hadn’t been to Tang’s house recently. This was anxious for Lu Dan. When she learned that Tang Mingxuan’s girlfriend was really Murphy, she looked down on her even more. Lu Dan is a person who pays attention to right and right, and even dislikes that Murphy is from a single-parent family. Unfortunately, once Tang Mingxuan and Tang Qiren touch this topic, they will selectively ignore and avoid it.

After Bai Xiaoman came back from France, Zhu Haitian always felt uneasy. Upon closer inquiry, he found that the other party actually wanted to invest in a game company. Zhu Haitian confessed that he likes the game industry the most and he is going to hand over the power of Hai Yao to Bai Xiaoman. After arranging the board of directors, he publicly announced his marriage to Bai Xiaoman. Bai Xiaoman never dreamed that his dream would come true on the same day.

Mingyuan’s design needs Kaiman’s model to come to the show, which will inevitably lead to work contact, but Fang Xiaoyu changed his normal and chose to work in person. In the face of Murphy, Fang Xiaoyu also acted in an official manner, completely without the shadow of the past. Fang Xiaoyu has decided not to return to France unless it is necessary, and has even proposed that the Cayman headquarters cancel the use of Chinese elements.

Fang Qian secretly contacted Xia Xueling to meet, but just hoped to learn about Tang Mingxuan from her mouth. Before meeting Xia Xueling, she also deliberately sorted out her expressions, pretending to be particularly surprised and happy. When discussing Tang Mingxuan, Xia Xueling even lied that he was on a business trip recently, and intentionally or unconsciously revealed that she and Tang Mingxuan had a very good and stable relationship.

Fang Xiaoyu knows her sister too well, and she also knows that Fang Qian is not as light and graceful as she said on the surface. After three years of baptism, perhaps Fang Qian will no longer be arrogant, but the feelings he has given are not easily recovered.

In Mingyuan’s work, Xia Xueling refuted Cheng Yang’s design in the meeting, thinking that his design was completely too ideal in terms of costs and benefits. Cheng Yang fought hard on this matter, and Morphy naturally stood in the design side, hoping to give Song Tang a new feel.

Xia Xueling was not going well, and now even Fang Qian has returned, she is in anxiety. Seeing Murphy refuting herself in the meeting, she even asked Tang Mingxuan to expel her on the grounds that she suspected Murphy was a commercial spy. It’s just that Murphy is Cheng Yang’s assistant. Even Tang Mingxuan has no right to interfere. Xia Xueling can only ask Cheng Yang to expel Murphy.

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