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Rebirth of the Invincible Yangmen

Rebirth of the Invincible Yangmen
Other Name: 重生之无敌杨门

Genre: novel, History
Author: Christmas Scarecrow
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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It tells a series of legendary stories that happened after the protagonist Yang Xi crossed the road. The work was originally called “The Monument to the Yangmen”. The details of the content are as follows: How many people’s childhood is a book of “The Generals of the Yang Family”, and how many people’s opinions are difficult to balance. The Yang family is a family of loyalty and righteousness. Both men and women, young and old, are for the country, but the final outcome is not satisfactory. Yang Xi was very lucky. By chance, he passed through the Tianbo Yang Mansion and became the Yang Family Qilang. At first he thought it was a dream, but after a few days of familiarizing it, he finally accepted the fact that he was traveling. In the torrent of history, whether the story is true or false, he has to give his part to the Yang family. The Yang family is loyal and loyal, and he will give them a perfect ending…

Free Reading Highlights:

Shen Hao hid behind the pillar, and when the maid passed by with the medicine, he suddenly stretched out his hand and took the maid into his arms.

A bowl full of medicine, half spilled in an instant.


The maid screamed in fright, and before she continued to yell, Shen Hao’s index finger was placed on her lips.

“Lie ~”

After seeing Shen Hao, the maid obviously relaxed a lot.

Shen Hao slipped his fingers and pinched the maid’s smooth chin, and said with a smile but a smile: “Die’er, yesterday you promised me your son, let me taste your rouge today.”

The maid’s cheeks were red and she wanted to lower her head, but Shen Hao supported her chin.

She timidly said: “The son… the son… let go of the slave and maid. If the second lady sees it, the slave and maid will be guilty.”

Hearing this, Shen Hao glared, “What are you afraid of? If that yellow-faced woman dares to embarrass you, I will break his leg.”


“But what? You promised me yesterday, do you want to regret it?”


“What are you waiting for……”

While speaking, Shen Hao pursed his lips and leaned towards the maid’s mouth.

In a hurry, the maid spoke a lot more sharply, only to listen to her quickly and authentically: “The eldest son sent someone back to the house to say that he will be back at noon.”

Shen Hao took a halt, and said in amazement, “Big Brother is coming back?”

The maid nodded heavily.

Shen Hao immediately grabbed the medicine from the maid’s hand, held it in his hand, and suddenly pecked the probe on the maid’s mouth.

Then he smiled thiefly: “Reward you…”

The maid immediately covered her face in shame, afraid to see anyone.

Shen Hao took the medicine bowl in a leisurely manner and entered Shen Lun’s room.

Looking at Shen Lun who was lying on the bed coughing heavily, Shen Hao frowned subconsciously. Seeing the bloodshot of Shen Lun coughing up and covering the neck of the shirt, his brows became tighter and his eyes were full of disgust.

“Gongzi ……”

After the maid Dieer whispered outside the door.

Shen Hao hurriedly carried the medicine bowl to Shen Lun’s bed. He put a piece of his hand under Shen Lun’s chin to block the blood stains on the neckline, and then carefully fed Shen Lun and drank the medicine.

Shen Lun stared at this unfilial son, almost not getting angry.

When Shen Hao saw Shen Lun turn his head and refused to take the medicine, he yelled impatiently, “Father, drink it soon. Brother will come in right away.”

Shen Lun sighed and opened his mouth slowly.

When Shen Jiadalang started, he saw the father’s kindness and filial piety.

And Shen Lun did not expose Shen Hao’s hypocrisy in front of Shen Jiada Lang.

The reason why he cooperated with Shen Hao in acting like this was because he was ashamed of Shen Hao in his heart.

In front of Yang Qi, Shen Lun cut off all the future of Shen Hao with one word, turning Shen Hao into a prodigal who stayed at home with nothing to do.

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