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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 32 Recap

Xu Tan has been training actively recently, and his state has gradually recovered. Feng Zhonghe mistakenly thought that he had let go of the haze, but he did not expect that Xu Tan would still be unwilling to participate in the Universiade. Xu Tan started working hard since he was a child, and finally reached the highest stage by himself. Now that he has fallen heavily, it will definitely take time to overcome this hurdle. If you cross over, you will have a bright future. If you can’t cross over, it will stop here.

Yu Kenan is training as usual, and he doesn’t like each other with Zheng Hao. Zheng Hao looked down on Liu Shi and Ma Chuan, irritated Yu Kenan, and had to play against Liu Shi on the spot to let everyone see that they are also the best players. Liu Shi proved his strength with a single ball, and the result was a sudden waist injury. This time it was more serious than before. This is a hidden danger accumulated by his long-term inaccurate playing posture. It is not easy to say whether he can fully recover.

Yu Kenan recently signed a formal contract with the Shanghai Thunder Club. The budding newcomer in the table tennis industry also has many hardcore fans. Becoming a sports star did not make Yu Kenan proud and complacent. On the contrary, he felt pressured. After all, he could win the Grand Slam by winning the next game, and everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

This season’s Ping Pong Super League is about to begin. Tianjin Guoben Club will compete with Henan in the Green Teng Normal University. As the host, the Green Teng Ping Pong School has the responsibility to assist the organizer. After the meeting, Wang Siheng pulled everyone on a barbecue to relax. Taking advantage of the opportunity to be alone, she deliberately probed Xu Tan’s personal emotional state.

Wang Siheng was delighted to learn that Xu Tan had never been in a relationship, but when she knew that Xu Tan had someone she liked, and she still remembered it, her smile instantly disappeared from her face. When Xu Tan accidentally mentioned that Lei Lei already had a boyfriend, Wang Siheng smiled again, her mood was always affected by Xu Tan.

Xu Tan had no thoughts at all, nor did he consider emotional matters. He didn’t even think about the fact that Wang Siheng already liked him. Xu Tan wanted to return the table tennis bat to Lin Haozhi, but Lin Haozhi didn’t think that the current state was Xu Tan’s end point, as if everyone except Xu Tan himself maintained confidence in him.

The Chinese Table Tennis Super League officially began. Leng Yi confronted Fu Jingchun. Even Lin Haozhi could see that Fu Jingchun was more than stable, but he was no longer as tough as before. Fu Jingchun has joined the club and submitted an application to withdraw from the team. He intends to persuade Xu Tan to also enter the Guoben club. Wherever you play, you always play. As long as you don’t give up, Xu Tan doesn’t want to play purely for money.

At this moment, Xu Tan suddenly received a call from his father who was seriously ill and was hospitalized. If Xu Zhan does not undergo surgery to replace his liver, he will face the result of cancer. The operation fee plus the post-treatment cost a total of 500,000 yuan, and Xu Tan immediately chose the operation, after all, they had no right to choose.

The leak happened in the night, and the operation fee of 500,000 yuan was still unknown how to solve it. The creditor whose parents had borrowed money before went to the hospital to ask for the money. They owed a full one hundred thousand yuan for a few months, and Xu Tan could only ask the other party to allow another ten days of grace.

Wang Siheng was originally kind, but because he liked Xu Tan, he secretly came to visit Xu Zhan. He was sweet and attentive, and Xu Zhan and his wife liked it very much. This time, I happened to run into the Xu family’s predicament. Wang Siheng also asked his parents and classmates to borrow money, so that he could always cover the cost of the first operation. However, Xu Tan seems to have made plans. He is unwilling to accept loans from anyone. He wants to be ready to accept Fu Jingchun’s suggestion and enter the Guoben Club.

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