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One Season, One Season, One Fall

One Season, One Season, One Fall (Novel)
Other Name: 一朝季时一倾城

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Uncle Wheat
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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As a childhood sweetheart, Ji Yan knows everything about Yuan Qingcheng. There is no secret between them, or because they are too familiar to hide the secret. What he is most willing to do is to joke about his good sister and watch the girl jump and go crazy, which makes him feel good. It’s just that recently he feels that the little guy seems to be eating out, and even introducing him to his girlfriend behind his back? It seems that she has been letting her be free for too long. It’s time to take the oath of sovereignty, otherwise this little girl is thinking about how to let him go. That’s pretty good!

Free Reading Highlights:

Ji Yan knew there was a play at a glance! Looking at him like this, you know that he seems to have his own little secret!

“Little Qingcheng, who do you like? Brother will call you the shots!”

Yuan Qingcheng…

“I’ve said nothing, Brother Yan.” Yuan Qingcheng said proudly

“You thought you were a cat, so arrogant!”

Yuan Qingcheng…

“Brother, you’ve always been merciless when you stun people.”

“Of course, because only you can be stunned by me!” Ji Yan smiled like a spring breeze

“Brother Yan, you are actually being arrogant to me!”

Kihiko ……

“Hey, Brother Yan, are you a duck in estrus? Why have you become so sentimental?”

Kihiko ……

“What nonsense are you little Qingcheng talking about! How could your brother and I be that kind of person! Sentimentality is only good for you?”

Yuan Qingcheng…

“Hey, Brother Yan, your recruitment seems to be about to come out, do you want to make mental preparations!”

When Ji Yan heard it, he knew that Yuan Qingcheng was going away.

I thought it better to do

The next moment, Ji Yan picked Yuan Qingcheng’s ear again, and said viciously in his ear, “You little Qingcheng, you are so pitted against your brother, next time I want to pit it back!”

Yuan Qingcheng…

“Don’t, Brother Yan, I know you are the best!”

Ji Yan…is coming to sell cute again

Ji Yan had no choice but to put his hands down. Yuan Qingcheng took advantage of Ji Yan’s dazed effort and ran away a little bit, but still lay on Ji Yan’s bed.

Ji Yan looked at Yuan Qingcheng, looked at him with a foolish look, smiled knowingly, turned around and went to the kitchen to cook. Before leaving, Yuan Qingcheng shouted “Brother Yan, add two eggs!”

Kihiko ……

Yuan Qingcheng lay on the big bed leisurely and turned over, turned on the TV with the remote control, turned on a program, and fell asleep after watching it. When Ji Yan came back with two scrambled eggs, he saw Yuan Qingcheng Holding his pillow and snoring softly there, without even covering a blanket, Ji Yan put down the plate, walked lightly to Yuan Qingcheng’s side, picked up his blanket and gently covered Yuan Qingcheng’s body.

Then after half a minute, Yuan Qingcheng’s two dishonest claws stretched out. Ji Yan grabbed them and stuffed them back. After a while, Ji Yan saw that they no longer wanted to sneak out, and he was ready to leave. As soon as he turned around, the two paws came out again, Ji Yan shook his head, and went and stuffed them again. At this time, Yuan Qingcheng puffed his face, and all four paws came out. Ji Yan was dumbfounded, one after another. Stuffed in.

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