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My Wife is on: Don’t Mess with the President

My wife is in Shanghai (The president don’t mess with me)
Other Name: 娇妻在上总裁别惹我, My Wife is on: Don’t Mess with the President

Genre: novel, romance
Author: N/A
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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They I met three years ago, when Mi Qiqi was still an inconspicuous little character, and she was just one of Li Ruize’s many women. Now meeting again, she has become a rising star in the design world. Her appearance still caught Li Ruize’s eye instantly. Mi Qiqi is like a stunner in the world, so anyone who sees her can’t help but take a few more glances. In order to catch her again, someone took great pains.

Free Reading Highlights:

Mi Qiqi was shocked and turned her head subconsciously.

As she expected, Li Ruize, who had entered, had a layer of icy frost on Jun’s face, especially the haze of anger, which made him look even more chilling and creepy.

“Cousin, let go.”

Mi Qiqi warned He Shaobai in a low voice, but He Shaobai seemed to have eaten Xiongxin Leopard’s gall. Instead of letting go of Mi Qiqi, he leaned down and turned his thin lips toward Mi Qiqi’s cherry blossoms. Kiss your lips.

Seeing He Shaobai’s handsome face suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes, Mi Qiqi was startled and turned her face to one side instinctively.

Although she didn’t kiss Mi Qiqi’s red lips, she kissed the corners of her lips, with a faint fragrance, satisfying He Shaobai, with a smug smile on her face.

Li Ruize watched He Shaobai kiss the woman who kissed him. Although he didn’t kiss the woman’s lips, it made Li Ruize angry.

When he walked to the two of them, he had already prepared a heavy punch and slammed He Shaobai’s face fiercely.

He Shaobai never dreamed that the president of the dignified Li Group would make such a rude gesture in front of passers-by.

When he realized the danger and wanted to dodge, it was too late. Li Ruize’s heavy punch hit his handsome face firmly, and he was suddenly bruised.

Li Ruize took Mi Qiqi into his arms effortlessly.

Although he didn’t like He Shaobai’s sudden kiss, Mi Qiqi was still a little worried when he saw him lying on the ground embarrassedly with a bruise on his cheeks.

She quickly pushed Li Ruize away and ran in front of He Shaobai.

“Cousin, you… how are you?”

Facing Mi Qiqi’s worried question, He Shaobai’s face showed a provocative smile.

“I’m fine, but it hurts, Qiqi, you…can you take me to the hospital?”

Facing He Shaobai’s pleading eyes, Mi Qiqi couldn’t refuse.

“Okay, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

He struggled to support He Shaobai, Mi Qiqi supported him and walked to the taxi lane in front of him.

“Not allowed to go.”

Seeing his woman in front of his face, so unscrupulously supporting other men, Li Ruize was full of jealousy.

Especially Mi Qiqi’s ignorance of herself from start to finish made him angry.

“President Li, I am not feeling well today, so I have to take a long time off.”

Mi Qiqi said coldly, and then helped He Shaobai into a taxi parked in front of them.

Looking at the taxi going away, Li Ruize’s handsome face was full of anger.


He Shaobai’s face was not very serious, he just applied a layer of ointment when he arrived at the hospital, and then left the hospital.

“Cousin, I’m going to work now….Don’t do anything like this again in the future. I don’t like it.”

After sending He Shaobai home, Mi Qiqi turned around and left.

“Qiqi, do you really have no feelings for me at all?”

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