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Mr. wife is a little busy

Mr. wife is a little busy
Other Name 娇妻来袭先生有点忙

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Low Eyebrow
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Gu Mojing is a group president. What kind of woman can’t be found? He is nothing more than disgusting women and trouble. Is it not good to live a good life? Why do you want to be boring? But his mother didn’t think so much, and urged him to open his branches again and again, and now he arranged a blind date for him. With a mission mentality, he came to Wei’s house. Those women were all vulgar, but the little girl sitting in the corner who looked like nothing to do with him caught his attention. That kind of girl is just right for him. wife. I just didn’t expect that he would marry, but others would not marry…

Free Reading Highlights:

In the past, a lot of messy things were sent directly and destroyed. She asked Tian Ma and asked Tian Ma to remember it. Tian Ma also said that Yang Suyan had taken it away.

She also looked at the above address carefully later. It was changed and it was not sent by Wei Minmin. Mo had checked it too. He believed his son.

Su Yan really disappointed her. She always thought that with Su Yan’s noble background and good education, she would definitely not do these shameful things, but it was a pity that she would have been like this. It is also life, which slowly changes people.

She didn’t say anything about her. She was unwilling and drove away aggrievedly. She asked Tian’s mother to ask her about it. After dinner, she received a call from Yang’s family. Only then did she know that Yang Suyan had something wrong.

I heard that her driving speed was almost 150, and she hit many red lights, as if she was desperate. When she came, she was still in the rescue room. She was worried that the old man’s body could not stand too much. For the excitement of the elders, she went in alone and bowed her waist and apologized to the Yang family.

A good-looking daughter married her to take care of her family, but in the end, what was there in the end? The daughter was gone and her husband didn’t want her anymore. Her husband raised a woman outside and bought a small family home.

The Yang family’s accusation didn’t refute anything. She knew that it was her boss who was sorry for the plaintiff first, and she had nothing to say.

No matter how awful it was, it pierced my heart, and I could only endure it and swallow it.

Nowadays, my stomach is tingling with pain. I just want to go back early, drink something hot, and lie down for a while. She also feels distressed by the old saying, go back to sleep, maybe there will be good news. Su Yan will be fine, she went back to incense Su Yan, praying for blessings to eliminate these disasters.

There are so many things about Gu’s family, and everything makes her exhausted.

The car got on the express line. It was past eight o’clock, and it was past the peak time for commuting, but it was still very congested. For some reason, the car in front was motionless. The car was stuck in the middle and couldn’t move forward or backward. .

Wei Minmin looked back at Mrs. Gu, her eyes closed, her hands still covering her heart: “Mom, does it matter?”

“It’s okay, let’s go.”

“I don’t know why something happened ahead. I just can’t walk. Maybe there was a traffic accident. Mom, maybe it’s going to be a while.”

Mrs. Gu didn’t say a word. Wei Minmin looked at the front and drove the car cautiously. As long as she moved a little bit in front, she would move a little bit forward and decided not to let anyone jump in the queue.

Looking at Mrs. Gu from the backward view in the car, she looked very uncomfortable, and she had to send her home as soon as possible.

But it was only after walking some distance, and the front was even more choked. She looked back at Mrs. Gu anxiously, but it was amazing, she could see Mrs. Gu’s face, and big drops of sweat slipped down. , Seems to be faintly unable to bear the same.

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