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Magic Moment 粉紅色時光 Episode 13 End Recap

Zhijia, who is always unable to say “love”, can no longer hide his inner words, and expresses his full heart to Yitong, and Yitong responds to Zhijia. The two happy enemies are finally together in numerous obstacles. Now… Since Liya left, the old classmates began to comprehend the meaning of people’s lives. They have been searching for their true love from Jinjin. Shuxian got cancer and successfully fought against the disease and warmed up with Haodong. Xiuyan was successfully influenced by Ah Cheng. After being followed by fans on the Internet, the feelings between Kesen and Xinda father and son warmed up, and Shouyi cherished everyone around him even more. Thanks to Time Capsule, these classmates got together again…

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