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Madam, you don’t need to (2021)

Madam, you don’t need to
Other Title: 夫人,大可不必

Genres: drama, romance
Zhang Tiantian
 Cai Bihong
Release Date: 
April 1, 2021
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  • Peng Yaqi
  • Gao Zitian
  • Zhao Yiming
  • Han Qing
  • Ren Yu

The domineering female bandit Bai Yunfeng (Peng Yaqi) leads Chen Dawan (Ren Yu) and her brothers in a vain attempt to hijack the birthday plan given by General Hushou to Shangshu Hubu. However, they steal the chicken and fail to eat rice, and are killed by General Husband.” After a pot of fire, he was caught in the General’s Mansion. When he was about to be decapitated, he was negotiated by General Hussein. Under the pseudonym “Lu Wan’er”, he became the second wife of the General’s Mansion and got acquainted with his contract. Husband Huangfu Yao (played by Gao Zitian) embarks on a vigorous journey of sweet love.

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