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I Wear Little Shoes for the President

I Wear Little Shoes for the President
Other Name: 我给总裁穿小鞋

Genre: novel, President, romance
Author: Shengyang
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Chu Xiaoxian married her boyfriend who had been in love for many years. She thought she had found true love, but she did not expect that it was a conspiracy of her boyfriend. He deliberately approached her and got married with her, just to take away Chu Xiaoxian’s property. When he got the property, he showed his ugly face and began to blatantly cheat, bringing Xiaosan into the room. The sad Chu Xiaoxian was drunk at the bar and met a handsome man. They indulged in one night and forged an indissoluble bond ever since. Chu Xiaoxian regarded that night as a dream, and gradually forgot, but Xiao Yihan was sinking deeper and deeper, thinking of her all the time. Years later, the two met again by chance. There was a cute treasure standing beside her, and she looked similar to him…

Free Reading Highlights:

Grandma stood in front of Chu Xiaoxian, and then handed Chu Xiaoxian a peeled apple. Chu Xiaoxian stared blankly at the apple in her grandmother’s hand, and immediately began to cry.

“The nuns are so big, why do they still like to cry. Okay, stop crying, eat apples.”

Chu Xiaoxian wiped away her tears, and then took the apple from her grandma’s hand. There were tears in her eyes, but she smiled happily, “The grandmother is very happy, grandma, I had a nightmare and dreamed of you, grandpa, mother, Grandma, you all don’t want me anymore.”

“Stupid boy, how could it be?” Grandpa’s voice came from behind Chu Xiaoxian, and he gently rubbed Chu Xiaoxian’s head, smiling charity.

“Well, I know it won’t.”

Chu Xiaoxian sat on the sofa in the villa at home, eating apples casually. She watched her favorite TV series on TV, quietly waiting for her mother to come back.

“Xiao Xian is over from school.”

As the carved door at the entrance was pushed open, Chu Xiaoxian heard her mother’s voice. Chu Xiaoxian looked up at the door, then jumped over and hugged her mother.

“When was Xiaoxian so clingy? Hmm?” Mother smiled softly, and Chu Xiaoxian also laughed.

Chu Xiaoxian rubbed her mother’s shoulder recklessly, and then proudly said, “I have been very clingy. Mom didn’t notice it. Mom, you really don’t care about your daughter at all.”

“Get cheap and sell well!”

Mother laughed deeper and deeper, she raised her hand and knocked on Chu Xiaoxian’s forehead, and immediately sat on the edge of the sofa. Chu Xiaoxian stood in the hallway, looking at her grandma and her mother beautifully.

The three people on the sofa sat together harmoniously and happily. They smiled and greeted Chu Xiaoxian to sit there too. Suddenly, Chu Xiaoxian only felt that her whole body was frozen, she couldn’t move, her hands and feet could not bend or stretch.

“Nanny, what’s wrong with you?”

Grandma’s voice sounded very worried. Chu Xiaoxian wanted to tell grandma that she couldn’t move or make it through, but she later realized that she couldn’t speak out when she practiced her voice.

“Xiaoxian, you can’t scare grandma like this, come here.” Mom seemed a little unhappy. She has always known that Chu Xiaoxian likes to make noise, but such frightening elders is not allowed by Chu Xiaoxian’s mother.

Chu Xiaoxian desperately wanted to shake her head. She wanted to tell them that she loved them very much.

The LCD TV on the wall collapsed suddenly, the European-style quartz clock stopped turning, and the white leather sofa suddenly twisted, and even the three people on the sofa twisted. Chu Xiaoxian saw only her mother, and the faces of grandma and grandpa gradually distorted. They changed their previous gentleness and elegance, and suddenly they became fierce.

“Nanny, why don’t you come?”

“Nanny, don’t you like grandma anymore?”

“Xiaoxian, come here quickly, but my mother is angry when she comes!”

One person, one sentence, unrelenting and aggressive, Chu Xiaoxian looked at them and suddenly screamed. With a startled cry, Chu Xiaoxian opened her eyes abruptly, but as soon as she opened her eyes, she was dazzled by the light above her head.

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