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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 9 Recap

Gu Nanzhou gave Zhou Jianqing the inspiration and quickly began to draw cartoons. Jiang Jingxuan passed by and saw and told her that there was a hidden place on the third floor to paint there. Zhou Jianqing was stunned by Jiang Jingxuan’s constant switching of people. Su Youxia accidentally met Zhou Zixuan and was made trouble by a client and quickly stepped forward to help. Zhou Zixuan apologized and quickly pulled Su Youxia away. Zhou Zixuan was a cook here because he liked cooking and earned a lot. Su Youxia had nothing to do. think. In order to prevent Zhou Jianqing from selling, Zhou Zixuan could only repay the money as soon as possible. I believe that his father’s shop can be opened again in the future to support Zhou Jianqing, and he will not suffer a loss in front of Gu Nanzhou.

Gu Nanzhou was about to be late for the meeting, and seeing that it was too late to take a taxi, Zhou Jianqing had a chance to take him to take the bus, but Gu Nanzhou was afraid that there would be too many people to take the bus. Zhou Jianqing simply bought him a pair of earphones and children’s sunglasses, and pulled him on the bus. Gu Nanzhou was like a blind man. The surrounding grandpa sighed with regret. Zhou Jianqing immediately picked it up in order to feed his brother with a bad brain. The script for the hardworking sister.

On the bus, Zhou Jianqing found out that he had taken the wrong USB flash drive and was in a hurry. The two finally arrived. Zhou Jianqing was still expecting Walnut to send us a USB flash drive. Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Nanzhou turned on the computer, he saw Zhou Jianqing’s cartoon character based on him. His face turned green. Zhou Jianqing quickly stood up to turn the tide and said ” “Xingling Lake” comes from their true story, saying that they will never forget the night after their reunion. Gu Nanzhou almost believed it.

In the elevator, Zhou Jianqing quickly apologized to Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou said that after returning home, he asked the legal counsel to draw up an investment agreement. Zhou Jianqing had done a great job to Nebula today. Zhou Jianqing wanted a bonus. Gu Nanzhou asked her if she was leaving the company. Abnormal, maybe they spend too much time together. Jiang Xiaochuan came back, but Gu Nanzhou told him that Zhou Jianqing had fallen a bit deep, and told Jiang Xiaochuan not to irritate her. After all, the girl thought deeply, so don’t get hurt because of this incident.

Colleagues reluctantly sent Zhou Jianqing away. Jiang Xiaochuan saw that Zhou Jianqing was not so sad, and Gu Nanzhou took it for granted that she was laughing hard. Zhou Jianqing’s image of the boss has won unanimous praise from the boss. Gu Nanzhou mentioned Zhou Jianqing’s name thirty-four times in a day, and Jiang Xiaochuan couldn’t say it. Zhou Jianqing was very happy to read the comments of netizens. Gu Nanzhou saw that she said that the prototype of the boss of the ghost animal was that she quickly grabbed the phone and joined the group of complaining bosses. Everyone was embarrassed, and Zhou Jianqing quickly explained, but the misunderstanding among colleagues deepened. Gu Nanzhou issued the company awards ceremony, and everyone knew that Zhou Jianqing was Gu Nanzhou’s fiancée.

Zhou Jian counted a lot of takeaways. Gu Nanzhou had no choice but to acquiesce and asked her to clean up after eating, because she had to rush for the paper and replenish energy. The next day, Zhang Yin came to Zhou Jianqing to deliver the manuscript and breakfast, because he slept all night to help her organize the manuscript. Zhou Jianqing accidentally threw Gu Nanzhou’s Rubik’s Cube as rubbish last night. Gu Nanzhou was very angry and got angry with Zhou Jianqing’s hand. Zhang Yin couldn’t help but rushed up when he saw this.

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