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Ex-wife Difficult to Follow: Please Sign for Divorce

Ex-wife Difficult to Divorce, Please Sign (Novel)
Other Name: 前妻难追离婚请签字, Ex-wife Difficult to Follow: Please Sign for Divorce

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Jiang Xiyan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Marry Xiutian During Che’s three years, they were just married couples in the face. In his heart, not only did he never love Yuan Xinrou, he even bored her very much. Originally, she thought that she could wait, or tolerate that he had different women. But when he kisses me and me with other women in front of her, she still feels heartache. In fact, from the very beginning, Yuan Xinrou had fallen in love with Xiu Tianche.

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Even if she bracketed it once, she couldn’t hold her hand, because there was an extra person in her palm, when he was squandering and making mischief.

Yuan Xin softly looked away from him, closed her eyes and only felt the warmth and peace of mind in her arms. She couldn’t think too much about it, she didn’t want to pity him, but she was still sad in her heart slowly, even though she didn’t admit it.

Han Jiayu was escorted out. When she passed by Xiu Tianche, she stopped and looked up at him. Her gray face reappeared with a smile, “Xiu Tianche, this is the ending you want, and you are free again. Now, after a big circle, are you still eager to go back to square one?”

Xiu Tianche slowly put his eyes on her face, looked at her for a long time, and today he knew why she became like this. In order to stimulate Yuan Xinrou, he blindly married her. All the mistakes were caused by him. It should be said that all mistakes should be caused by him, “I’m sorry one by one, I shouldn’t have married you without thinking clearly.”

He sincerely apologized.

“Haha…,” Han Jianing laughed, and burst into tears at the end of the laugh, “What’s the use of saying sorry until now? Don’t you think everything is too late? I ask you, have you ever loved me for a moment? Answer me honestly.”

No one knew that she looked at him and said yes, even if it was a deception.

Xiu Tianche looked at her with an indifferent expression and determined eyes, “No, I have never loved you.”

He didn’t want to lie to her anymore, because she knew the answer in her heart.

“Sure enough, one by one” Han Jianing’s beautiful eyes were momentarily hollow, and she suddenly felt that everything she did was really meaningless. For a man who never loved her for a second, she gave her soul to the devil. In the end What was ruined was only her own body and mind, and the rest had not changed. It was so meaningless. Her mind was completely clear, and she didn’t look at him anymore and walked out.

Lan Sichen loosened Yuan Xinrou, “Is it okay, are you scared?”

He rubbed her hands and feet to help her comfort the meridians, and to see her so vivid and real in front of him, even the fact that she left without saying goodbye was temporarily forgotten, only the joy that was lost and regained.

Yuan Xinrou saw the real and energetic man in front of him, and some of them were afraid to face him, lowered their heads, and muttered, “I’m fine! That, I’m sorry to leave you without saying goodbye, I’m sorry one by one”

I thought he would be very angry, very angry, but this kind of care made her uneasy.

Lan Sichen thought of this woman. When he was not paying attention, he quietly left for so long. For a long time, he thought he was still looking for it for a long time. His face suddenly became stern, “I’m sorry and everything will be done.” Huh? You think too beautiful, I will punish you well when I go back. You’d better be fully prepared, because it will be terrible.”

He squinted and smiled very evilly.

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