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Doctor Gu is Really Sweet

Doctor Gu is Really Sweet (Novel)
Other Name: 顾医生真的很甜

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Jinwu Zangjiao
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Chen Xinyi walked into the dentist’s office because of a toothpaste, but she did not expect that her attending doctor turned out to be this man named “Gu Qichi”. In fact, the two of them are not very familiar, but they have met each other, and the experience of the encounter was not good, because she framed him as a scumbag. She didn’t want to be retaliated by men, but she didn’t know what to do. When she was anxious, her emotional tears broke out. Tears flowed down, but her mouth was unwilling to be honest for a while, crackled and pushed a lot, the man felt as if he had been molested…

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“Although I am only a dentist and not good at other organ diseases, I have some understanding of the thyroid gland. There is no high risk of this operation. You don’t have to be overly afraid. It’s just that the immunity will decrease after the operation, so pay attention to maintenance.

Gu Qichi’s voice was softer than ever, with soothing magic power. Chen Xinyi quickly stopped crying, looked at him sideways, and said suspiciously: “Really?”

“Well, I promise she will be safe.” Gu Qichi gave Chen Xinyi a firm look. As a doctor, you should not make such a positive conclusion to the patient’s family. No operation can guarantee that the patient is safe and sound. No matter how small an operation is, there are risks. Just looking at the look in her expectant and eager eyes, this comforting word slipped out of her mouth unconsciously.

Dr. Gu’s words are undoubtedly the life-saving straw that Chen Xinyi needs most at the moment. As soon as his words fell, she burst into laughter.

Gu Qichi’s heart moved slightly, her smile at the moment was like a rainbow after the rain, dazzling, beautiful and full of hope. He thought, this is about the most beautiful smile he has seen in recent years, so touching, so bright and flawless.

Gu Qichi asked Chen Xinyi’s mother about the time of tomorrow’s operation, and after a few words of relief, he got up to leave. Chen Xinyi once again apologized for the missed appointment, and promised him that there would never be another time before she watched him leave.

The next day, Chen Xinyi talked with her mother on the phone before her operation and repeatedly encouraged her to wish her the operation a smooth operation. After hanging up the phone, her heart has been hanging, and the tension filled her chest.

At this moment, the door phone rang a familiar beep, and she saw Dr. Gu’s exceptionally beautiful face in the video window.

As soon as Gu Qichi entered the door, he saw Chen Xinyi with question marks on her pretty face, so she raised her eyebrows: “Why, don’t you welcome me?”

“Don’t you need to go to the clinic on duty today?”

“No, I take a shift.” Gu Qichi didn’t say that it was not his vacation today, but he changed shifts with other dentists in the clinic.

Seeing that she still wanted to ask, he put on indoor slippers, walked to the sofa and sat down, patted the position beside him again, and greeted Chen Xinyi, who was standing by the door stupidly, “Come and sit, isn’t your mother moving? Surgery? I’ll wait with you.”

Chen Xinyi was so touched that she shed tears. She didn’t expect Doctor Gu to be so kind. Before, she felt that he was not easy to get along with and was cold and ruthless, so she really shouldn’t.

She obediently walked over and sat next to him, hesitated for a while, and hesitated: “You said…”

Before she finished speaking, he interrupted her and responded directly: “No, don’t think about it.”

Chen Xinyi curled her lips. Is Doctor Gu the roundworm in her stomach? Before she could ask, he knew she wanted to ask his mother if there would be a problem with her surgery.

Gu Qichi laughed mockingly. It was strange that he was affected by Chen Xinyi, and nervousness spread in his heart. Perhaps it was an unprovoked ticket to her, a little guilty, and even more afraid of going wrong.

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