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After wearing it back, I became a group pet boss

I became a group pet boss after I wear it back
Other Name: 穿回来后我成了团宠大佬

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Jixiang Zhizhi
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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When I opened my eyes again, Ning Xin was convinced that he was born again. Two months ago, she was announced by the doctor that she had an advanced stage of bone cancer. Since that day, she has been tied to an inexplicable system. That system requires her to travel across the world and become the sad and affectionate female partner. After seeing the male and female protagonist get married, after experiencing the endless torture of love, she has the right to be reborn. At that time, she nodded without hesitation and agreed, because she had a reason to live. Now that the task is completed, she has returned, and she finally has a chance to make up for the regret in her heart.

Free Reading Highlights:

“Nangong Group?” He Sijian whispered.

This group is engaged in medicine. It has been fighting for the right to develop medicine with the hospital under the name of He Sijian for a long time. However, He Sijian is gentle and elegant on the surface, and there are endless methods behind it. Nangong Group has repeatedly set its sights on the entertainment circle in an attempt. To expand influence.

Seeing his long legs, He Si got up straight from the leather sofa, and faintly instructed his subordinates, “Go and arrange all the monopoly projects in city A next.”

Monopoly of medicine is the most direct and deadly method for new drug developers.

Hardly leave any chance for the opponent to breathe.

He Sijian would undoubtedly drive Nangong Medicine to a dead end.

In just half a month, Nangong Medical’s chairman Nangong Yue hurried to the door of He’s Hospital with a cane supported by his sons, begging the front desk staff to introduce He Sijian in tears.

“Miss, we must see Dean He today, please, please help us this time!”

The lady at the front desk smiled in business, “Sir, please show me the invitation letter.”

Just as Nangong became more and more uncomfortable, a white figure walked outside surrounded by countless elites in the medical industry.

The harder it is for Nangong to catch He Sijian’s profile with sharp eyes, and hurriedly rushed, “Dean He, Dean He, wait!”

He couldn’t let go of the last chance of survival for the Nangong family.

Seeing that he really stopped, He Si smiled warmly, “Old Mr. Nangong.” The deputy gentleman was as gentle as a young man.

But only Nangong could see the terrifying nature of He Sijian more clearly, and the more Nangong couldn’t help but shiver, but for the sake of Nangong’s family, he had to bite the bullet and try to negotiate with He Sijian.

“President He, you really don’t have to implement a pharmaceutical monopoly. If you can, my granddaughter Nangongqing would also like to meet with President He.

As soon as Nangong Yue’s words fell, a few reporters outside the door prominently surrounded Nangong Yue and eagerly held up the microphone to interview Nangong Yue. “Mr. Nangong, your granddaughter was found to be secretly manipulating the vote. Several judges have admitted to this. What are you doing? Look?”

“Does Mr. Nangong support Miss Nangongqing’s approach?”

At this point, Nangong Yue’s face was completely gray, and his body was shaking violently. In the end, he couldn’t take a breath and rolled his eyes and passed out.

He Si saw the ruthlessness in his eyes as if a sharp blade of cold light flashed by.

Later, Ning Xin sat on the edge of the restaurant’s bar. After reading the last sentence of the news anchor’s report, “Nangong Qing admitted that the number of votes was fraudulent, and the youth league re-election competition was invalidated.” She pulled the corners of her lips lightly and drank. Take a sip of juice.

A tall dark gray shadow struck her behind, covering Ning’s body, but it was like hiding a petite elf in his arms carefully.

He stretched out a hand and gently rubbed the top of Ning Xin’s soft hair.

“So good”.

Bo Yunzheng pointed out that Ning Xin was holding a glass of juice.

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