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Your Love Has Remaining Warmth

Your love has more than warmth
Other Name: 你的爱情有余温, Your Love Has Remaining Temperature

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Lemon Dumpling.
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Wen Yan became Cheng Yu’s lover for four years. She had to agree to be his lover for her father’s surgery expenses, but now she can’t help but fall in love with him. When she learned that Cheng Yu was about to be engaged to another woman, she still had a hint of fantasy, but the cold reality told Wen Yan that Cheng Yu had never loved her.

Free Reading Highlights:
Jian Yi led Liang Ruoxin to the back lawn as if she could not understand anything. There was a glass room in the middle of the grass, which Jian Yi had just snatched from someone else with a lot of money.

Jian Yi wanted to give everything the best to Liang Ruoxin’s hands. However, he suddenly found that no amount of what he gave was as good as Cheng Yu’s smile to Liang Ruoxin.

“Are you going to walk home?” Wen Yan left quite fast, and it took some time for Cheng Yu to catch up with her. Looking at the flat shoes under her feet, this woman really did not follow the routine.

“If you want to live a long life, you have to exercise a lot. Therefore, President Cheng guessed it right, I intend to go back.” Wen Yan said stubbornly, but in his heart he scolded Cheng Yu’s ancestors all over the eighteenth generation.

With so many restaurants in the city, Cheng Yu can’t choose one. He has to choose such a remote place. Is it possible that he wants to wait until the meal is over and take her directly into the ravine to destroy her body?

“Very well, then I won’t hinder your longevity.” Cheng Yu didn’t mean to persuade Wen Yan to get on the car at all. He just kicked the accelerator to go out, leaving a dust on Wen Yan.

“I’ll go!” Wen Yan wanted to be a lady, but in the face of Cheng Yu, she could not help but explode all kinds of languages ​​that did not match her surroundings.

The consequence of bravery was that he almost broke his foot, and Wen Yan only walked one third. She tried to call a ride, but got nothing because of the remote location.

I don’t know how long I walked, Wen Yan finally saw a bus stop, just like a desperate person walking in the desert and suddenly saw water, Wen Yan trot all the way to the bus stop.

But when he looked up, Wen Yan was completely desperate. The last bus had left her ten minutes ago.

Squatting down on the ground somewhat discouraged, Wen Yan began to consider the possibility of laying on the floor.

Just when Wen Yan was upset, a car came to a halt slowly. As the window slowly dropped, Cheng Yu’s hateful face gradually appeared in front of Wen Yan.

“Yanyan, how is your fitness plan? Do you need a ride?” The smug smile on Cheng Yu’s face made Wen Yan want to punch him, turning him into a black eye!

However, in the end reason prevailed. Wen Yan knew that if he refused Cheng Yu again this time, he would really leave without looking back. At that time, she didn’t necessarily have to continue walking in this barren mountains and ridges for long.

“Pop!” Wen Yan closed the car door heavily. As soon as he got into the back seat of the car, Wen Yan lay down. She really should re-exercise her body. She was more tired than this when she was on the battlefield, and she could persevere. What a short journey now, she felt a sense of collapse.

Cheng Yu didn’t care about where she was doing with Wen Yan, and quietly sent Wen Yan back to the door.

When the car stopped, Cheng Yu turned around and realized that Wen Yan was already asleep. In his sleep, Wen Yan was so non-aggressive, he wouldn’t be tit for tat with Cheng Yu, just as obedient as he was five years ago.

Cheng Yu enjoyed the tranquility of this moment, and didn’t rush to call Wen Yan, just turned around and watched Wen Yan go to sleep. If it weren’t for Wen Yan to roll over and fall from the back seat of the car, the two of them might have maintained this shape all night.

Wen Yan rubbed her painful waist, and her consciousness slowly returned. When she saw the familiar scenery, she sat back on the seat of the car neatly, and said to Cheng Yu very politely: “Thank you Cheng. Always send me back.”

After speaking, Wen Yan opened the door, got out of the car, walked away, closed the door… All the movements were done in one go, and the tired appearance just disappeared.

“Yanyan, am I a tiger?” Cheng Yu asked, poking her head out of the car window.

When Wen Yan turned her head, she realized that Cheng Yu’s expression was quite serious. She swallowed and chose to tell lies: “No!”

The truth is that Cheng Yu is far more terrifying than beasts such as tigers and lions. But Wen Yan didn’t dare to say, she was afraid that after she said it, she would never have a chance to go home again.

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